Becoming a Certified Commenter - Advantages

Last Update: March 24, 2020

I ventured into becoming a cretified commenter hoping that I could earn money to make my monthly subscription free at Wealthy Affiliate. But things turned out different than I thought. I want to share with you my journey to becoming a certified commenter.

Ground Work

Becoming a certified commenter makes you eligible for earning $0.5 for an approved comment. This was the carrot for me to start working on my certification. I found a few tutorials showing what makes a good comment and how to learn to make one. In fact one of the training encourages you to make comments on his blog post to practice commenting.

(You can check out all the trainings at WA)

Rules for Commenting

After taking all the training available and also practicing how to make good comments I was ready for the task in hand - becoming a certified commenter. I wanted to add value to the post I was commenting on. The rule says you haveto complete 50 comments on posts offered to you with a minimum 80% approval rate and a maximum of 20% skip rate.

Setting up

Before starting you need to setup the topics of your interest so that you can be offered posts to comment on. The niches are not really specific or people do notchoose the proper tags while requesting comments. I got many sites which I didnot have much knowledge about.

My commenting status

Commenting was not as easy as I was thought. The following are the reasons.

  • The topics offered to your are not of your interest everytime
  • If you skip any post then the skip rate will increase
  • You have to read the article fully if you are not familiar with the topic
  • If no commenting request available you have wait for sometime
  • If your comment is not unique your comment will not be submitted (re-writing required).
  • If your comment gets disapproved then your approval rate will reduce.

After overcoming all the hurdles I finally got certified after 2.5 weeks.

Comment Rejection

One of my comments got rejected

Disapproval Reason: "Sorry but I asked for experience with the products and you haven't offered any experience."The request was only for experience and I wrote my "Opinion about the topic" and did not "Offer experience about the topic" as I overlooked the request. You have to check everytime exactly what is requested and give your comments suitably.

Advantages of Becoming a Certified Commenter

  • Improvement of writing skills for creating engaging posts
  • Credit accumulation for requesting comments on your published articles
  • Income generation - not much - but a great motivation.(You do not get paid for all comments)
  • You get to read a variety of blogs with different writing skills - you can pick up some good styles
  • You get to read comments by other commenters which gives you a very good insight on the topic

My Thoughts

It was a very challenging and enjoyable experience and has increased my spectrum inside Wealthy Affiliate. It has increased my writing skills which will help me creating better blog posts.

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MOtuke Premium
When I first started WA, I lacked confidence in my writing skills, it's when I started that I realized how many skills I was able to gain just through reading other people's blogs and gaining skills, day by day. I feel like I still have some ways to go but congratulations to your certification.
Desireoz2 Premium
Thanks for the effort to share your achievement with us so far.To be honest you have done very well and you are gifted to it. Writing comments either good or bad , has never been an easy task for anyone. Having seen your score at that level I have to say that you are up to the task ahead and we, at WA ,are very lucky to have you here. It will probably be useful for us . All the best.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your journey and progress.
Congrats on your achievements.
Have a great day
Darren :)
Helen123 Premium Plus
You make dome very important points when it comes to commenting. I think there are quite a few members that should read your blog before they start commenting, particularly about reading the article and writing a comment that is asked for.
Stanleycmng Premium
Good information on certified commenter.