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I ventured into becoming a cretified commenter hoping that I could earn money to make my monthly subscription free at Wealthy Affiliate. But things turned out different than I thought. I want to share with you my journey to becoming a certified commenter.Ground WorkBecoming a certified commenter makes you eligible for earning $0.5 for an approved comment. This was the carrot for me to start working on my certification. I found a few tutorials showing what makes a good comment and how to learn t
Both the articles I posted on my site have got indexed by Google. I have not posted on any social media so far and both the posts do not have any comments so far. I was busy preparing my articles and did not focus on any promotion. I have posted another review article yesterday. Now I will start setting up my social profies and request for comments using the comments section inside Wealthy Affiliate. Can anybody share how they started the process of promoting. Whether it was from the first arti
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2019 as it was recommended by another program which I am a member of. I did not focus on Wealthy affiliate as there were many other programs recommendedWhen I was looking for reviews of other money making opportunities online I came across at least 3 out of 10 reviews which were recommending Wealthy Affiliate as the no. 1 Affiliate training site.In the beginning of this month (Feb 2020) I realized that I am probably really missing something. Why not focus
February 07, 2020
I have created my first website today to promote WA as an affiliate. The website building itself took less than 30 seconds. Awesome. The training is easy to understand and implement. Had a few questions which was answered instantly in the live chat.Excited to have my website live. No technical hassles. Can now focus on building the website and getting my posts ranked.Thank you Kyle for providing a great platform which keeps me motivated to work each and every day without fail.