Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: June 24, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be if you want to learn how to make money online. If you have been searching for the right information, about how to start an online business, i'm sure you have fallen for a few fake promises.

It is common to lose money while searching for answers, we don't know what we need to know, and will join a program that seems to offer a solution. A common question i see is, Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

What i can say is, if you can't make money with all the training available, and all the support available at Wealthy Affiliate, you probably should be looking elsewhere than online.

One thing that has to be done with the training, is to take action.

Do all that is required of you, don't rush into it, and do all the tasks in the training. If you go through all the training, and apply what you have learnt to your website, i'm sure you will be successful.

It took me 2 months to get through the Certification Courses, some will take less time, some will take longer, depending on your skillset/knowledge.

I can't promise, as we are all different, and have different skills. Some will be very good at writing and conveying information, others not so good. Some will get great engagement with visitors, others not as good.

Some will take shortcuts, trying to make money as quickly as possible. Don't do it, if the search engines don't trust your website for 3-6 months, what's the rush? Just focus on providing quality content as often as possible, apply what you have learnt in the lessons, use low competition keywords(under 100 QSR), and i'm sure you will make money.

How much is another question. How many reviews do you have on your website, how many affiliate links on your website, are you trying too hard to sell(turning people away), are you providing a solution for visitors, do you get good engagement?

The best way to measure your chances at being successful, is how many comments do you get on your website(outside of WA)? If your website is 12 months old and only has a few comments, maybe you need to see if your style of writing is good enough.

When we start at WA and go through all the lessons, one thing that stood out to me(and still does), is how good a writer am i? The only way to measure this is to get website feedback on content. If you feel unsure, just ask for feedback.

Feedback in the form of site comments, is the one of the most valuable tools at WA(amongst others). Constructive criticism must be accepted, and not disregarded. The best way is to ask a seasoned member, who has been at WA for a long period of time, what their opinion is.

You can't get this opinion anywhere else, it is one of the reasons that the WA education is so valuable, and why Premium is the only way.

Starting out as a free member, and then becoming Premium, is the only choice to make. Sure you can build a website, and gain lots of free knowledge as a free member, but where are the ongoing benefits going to come from?

How will you get feedback on your website?

How will you get feedback on your content?

How will you keep up with trends on the internet?

How will you know if the search engines change the rules?

How will you get inspiration when you need it, from other members success stories?

How will you learn from the extra training provided from members?

Who will you ask when you have a problem?

I have learned as much from reading other members blogs/training, as the lessons that Kyle puts together. You can't get this anywhere else!

I have been a Member of WA for over 7 months now, and loving every minute.The foundation of my website is being established, and will continue to grow. I will continue adding content, continue learning, and will apply new things when i see fit.

My website is constantly being 'tweaked', but i will get there. I have no real time goal, or money goal, but will take it as it comes. This is a long apprenticeship, and you must go on, don't give up.

I give 100%, and can't do any better than that. I want you to do likewise.

I want you to start your journey, learn as much as you can, apply what you have learnt, and keep on going, until you are successful. Don't worry about how long it takes, just get going.

If you're not a member yet, join up for free and experience the style of training. Whether you have lots to learn or not, the training is needed to create a better future for yourself, and your family. Applying what you learn is most important.

You will not find a better place online to learn, and will not find better support.




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Phil-58 Premium
Hi ther Greg
Great post and well written
I am in the same boat as yourself, just completed course 4
This is not a sprint and I intend to be here for the long haul
I am in no particular rush to make money, whatsoever....just as long as it happens...say 6-12 mths from now, I will be happy with that.
I am confident like you said yourself, that we are all in right place here in WA.
Cheers again and thanks
gs1954 Premium
Hi Phil, I'm hoping to supplement my meagre pension, and so i am very keen to make it work. It will improve my lifestyle, even $500 per month is a help.
AlexEvans Premium
Well said Gregory, a very good round up we are blessed to be here
gs1954 Premium
Absolutely, i feel like i have a new future now, the future is more rosy.
ArmaniTol Premium
Making money with WA is definitely possible. All you need is dedication/determination to make it happen. Cheers!
gs1954 Premium
I agree, we just need to apply what we learn, and wait.
MKearns Premium
Of course you can. This is the place!
gs1954 Premium
I know you can, what gets to most people is the waiting. Patience is needed.