My Rank - I bust the 100 mark!

Last Update: September 07, 2013

Hi everybody, I just wanted to write quickly that I just noticed that I broke the 100 mark in the WA rankings, I'm at 99 woohoo. Ambassadorship here I come.

Kyle and Carson, you'd better watch out I'm coming for you!

For this I would like to thank everybody who has liked or commented on my posts, comments or discussions.

A great big thank you to all of you loverly WA'ers :-)

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lanesamarie Premium
jghwebbrand Premium
Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I wish you all the best in succeeding to the top twelve.

tommydillard Premium
nice very nice good luck
DaveAckerman Premium
WA to go Greg!! (Can I copyright that expression guys, or is it taken ?, haha ! )
ViFinlay59 Premium
Awesome job......I'm going to be right behind ya's if I could just finish building my first

Sincerely, Virginia.