This exemplifies us perfectly!

Last Update: December 29, 2016

Two days ago I "lost" the training I was creating and asked how to retrieve it in a blog.

Well, was I ever chuffed this morning to read that Shane had used this opportunity to create a training, helping not only me but others who might have had or will have this issue.

This just perfectly exemplifies the spirit of support, help, friendship, sharing, love and how we value each other. Man I am so touched by the spirit of the WA community.

Wouldn't it be great if we would all bring out more of this into the world? Sorry, I am not wanting to say we don't do that already, just imagining how it would be if we made a conscious effort to extend this spirit of being UNITED, there for each other, respecting each other etc out into the world.

There are so many races, nationalities, languages, political and religious colourings here at WA and yet we still manage to get along, respecting that we have different opinions.

I intend to take this thought with me today and do even more than I usually do to making a difference out there today.

Thank you again Shane

Love and blessings to all


There is only one PROBLEM, it is the thought that we are SEPARATE.

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LouisaB Premium
This only builds you up to be the true leader and builder you are!
greenvee Premium
Louisa thanks my dear
MKearns Premium
A great ode to encouraging additional support Valina!
greenvee Premium
thank you Bro :)
ShaneWelcher Premium
I am very happy to be able to help and completely agree that we are a team here at WA with the ability to help out when others need it.

We can only make each other better by helping and reaching out so it is with this that we truly make the best of our experience here at WA.

Glad to help out at anytime and anywhere that I can.

greenvee Premium
Big hug
Techiescot Premium
Agree wholeheartedly. The world could learn a great deal about support and cooperation from the community here.
greenvee Premium
amen to that sis