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Hi. Have you wanted to improve your website, and decided to make it private during the process? If you're like me, then you have had a devil of a time finding the privacy settings. Not the search engine privacy, but the one that blocks everyone until you decide otherwise. Well, look no further. There are privacy plug ins that allow you block everyone while you update. The one that I just added is called "More Privacy Options". After I installed it, I was able to go to Settings, Reading, and fin
Good morning! I hope that everyone's weekend is off to a great start. Mine certainly is. Last night, I sat in on a training titled "How to Rank in YouTube Search". I have been working to improve my rankings for my videos. Not only are they a big part of my blog; but I work very hard on them, and thought it made sense to reach for a successful YouTube channel. I'm so happy that I watched this webinar. It helped me to realize that I have not taken full advantage of keywords to promote my videos,
May 28, 2014
This title is acutally one of my Grandfather's old catch phrases. He was a pastor, and would always encourage his church members to use their gifts. His theory was that whatever help anyone needed, they could find it right in the congregation. If someone needed a wedding singer, Pop would say "It's in the house". If someone else needed a seamstress, Pop would reply "It's in the house". You get the idea. He would say it so much that it would actually annoy me as I was growing up. But now, I fin
May 10, 2014
Hey, guys. I've been trying to find my fellow WA's on Twitter, but am not successful. I found Kyle, but where is everyone else? Let's find each other and show mutual support. I'll go first. I'm using the hashtag #twitterizemeWA. Find me on @HealthyGuineaP. Even if you don't want to follow me, you can still use the hashtag to find other WA's that you would like to follow. You've all been tagged, let's reach out. let's get Twitterized, Meghan
April 11, 2014
Earlier this week, I truly learned a lesson in patience. Since I have launched my website on WA, I have been learning how to film and edit videos to enhance my site. It was a suggestion from a fellow WA member, and I am so grateful that he advised me on this. So far I have been doing OK with filming, editing and uploading; but this week I hit a terrible snag. Awww...What happened? Last Saturday, I filmed two videos, not realizing that I did so in HD. I didn't even know that I could film in HD.
March 31, 2014
Hi, everyone. I just wanted to quickly share the progress that I've made as a Wealthy Affiliate member. I joined on March 23rd, just a little over a week ago. I am so happy that I did. One of my goals is to become self employed, and I have tried a few avenues that turned out to be dead ends. Many of you on here know how frustrating that is. I continued to research work from home ventures, and have found two very promising opportunities. Wealthy Affiliates is one of them. How did I hear about WA