A Sample Email for Whomever Needs it.

Last Update: January 06, 2016

Below is a sample letter I recently mailed to my list incorporating the WA link and a random Amazon link. Just thought it might give some ideas to those who are just beginning their email mailings.

Happy New Year.


Work at Home Grandma

Yes, it’s really true. We have moved forward another year.

Recently my granddaughter came over to spend the evening

with a stack of homework in tow.

I recalled when I was in school I had often wished I had someone to do my homework for me.

I was overwhelmed back then and today I'm often sitting in the same boat.

So many new ideas on the horizon for making money.

If you’re like me you’ve been through the mill

when it comes to internet gurus and scams

flooding into your mailbox daily

.Believe me, this is not one of them.

My goal at Freelance with Copyhound

is to provide you with the best information

possible to aid you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

You have heard of the book by Napolean Hill entitled “Think and Grow Rich”

Many swear by it and I’ve read it myself.

Positive affirmations and setting goals are effective tools

but without the will to pick up the tools, the job just does not get done.

You know it and I know it!

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears so to speak

to make your business productive and lucrative.

When I began my own business

I did a lot of research and compared every program on the market

before I made decisions.

It was often a daunting task.

All of the avenues of income had many options available

and I needed to research them before I could decide on the best one.

I had to do my homework.

I recently began to think of all the posts I’d written

about the importance of email marketing, videos, good content and general web design.

Well, if you wonder where this is leading, I’ll get to the point.

Work at Home Grandma will do your homework for you!

I make it my personal goal to find the best offer and most efficient programs on the internet.

I do this by posting reviews regularly on my blog; just to keep you informed.

Last week’s review of Wealthy Affiliate can be found here: Check My Review Here

Be sure and take a peek at it.

Also, check my blog weekly for tips and tricks

to enhance your business and reviews you'll need to read.

P.S. Until next month, begin your 2016 on the right foot; then put both feet down and hit the ground running.

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PJonline Premium
Thank You, Sandra for this.. I am new and learning this email marketing stuff is daunting....
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Anytime I can help just let me know.
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nice to read and thank you
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