I am so excited ..........be Patient

Last Update: February 17, 2014

I am so excited to go through the courses, some ideas are coming to me and I am writing them down as I don't want to loose them. I am writing this in between chores at home. Sometimes we are waiting for the perfect time to do things and that doesn't come. Just keeping it simple. When I get on to something new I tend to fly through because I just want to see what is the next thing. But you know,I have had to go back through some of the Lessons because initially I went through almost with a cursory glance reading so quickly and missing some beautiful points. Well now I try to go slower and I am getting the ideas. Yes being patient.

Encouraging you to go at the pace that best suits you. Even if you have to go back, that's okay. We thank God that we are in such an environment that we can go at our own pace. Some of the ideas coming I didn't know they were there latent in me the passion is there. Having worked in Information Technology for a number of years is a Plus for me. I am leave some more thoughts for the next blog.

Wish you all Good Success,

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Karyskis Premium
Yes, having the training at our fingertips is wonderful.
WrightA Premium
Thank you for the reminder. I too was excited to see what would come next (I particularly wanted to get to the part explaining how to make money) and went through a lot of the training quickly. I too had to go back and reread some things.
gracesystem Premium
dont I know it
mackiejw Premium
Stay patient Grace.
Traveller75 Premium
Yes it is very important to travel at your own speed and don't worry about others seeming to pass you, keep up the good work
AliK96 Premium
This is very nice Grace and thank you for sharing and like you said patience is very important and this can help a lot of people, thanks again !!