Five Months Since WA Entered My Life

Last Update: May 17, 2015

Hi fellow Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur's it is once again time for my monthly update. Its now been 5 months since I joined and I'd like to tell you all where I'm up to.

I currently have two websites under construction, the main one - has the grand total of 54 posts and pages.

Whilst the secondary one has 16 posts and pages.

To date I have one WA referral - unfortunately this came from a conversation I had with a friend and not any of the websites.

The issue is my websites are not working. This obviously is a major deal. So to resolve this I asked both Kyle and Carson to review my residual income site and give me some feedback. - Probably the best thing I could have done. Both of them gave me straight forward, no nonsense information on how to improve the site. This actually meant editing everything I've written, changing keywords and tittle's, rewriting text to suit and modifying the grammar.

I had been working on this for about 10 days when Carson rechecked and offered some additional modifications. Once again these are being implemented. now beginning to take shape, the correct way. Yes its time consuming and yes its frustrating and annoying, but at least I'm now building my website correctly. It is literally a "ticking time bomb"

My point is Affiliate Marketing is not a quick fix business. It take time and effort to achieve. I'm not really experienced with building websites but one piece of advice I feel I'm qualified to offer, especially to you newbies, is "Get your site reviewed, say after the first 10 pages. If you've built it slightly wrong this will save you a whole lot of work. There are thousands of people in the community who can help you with this. There is also Kyle and Carson who have been fantastic with their support and knowledge with me.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best mentoring program on the internet. It was me who built my site incorrectly no one else. I made the mistakes. The information contained within WA is spot on. I cannot praise Kyle And Carson enough. They have a wealth of knowledge and yet they have time for people like me who need help. They haven't set themselves up in an ivory tower. They are down in the "dirt" with the common people. Ready to help out when asked.

Looking forward to what the next month has to offer.

Thanks for reading


PS: Please feel free to visit any of my websites and leave a comment. I will leave a comment back on every site.

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DLK15467 Premium
That's truly inspirational. It gives us all an opportunity to interact as well as know from your true testimonial that Kyle and Carson are here to help and demonstrated that with you. Thank you for sharing!
Michelle04 Premium
It's obvious you are serious about your websites and you are working very hard to perfect them. I enjoy reading your updates, because I can see you just keep getting better and better with time. :)
GoSparky Premium
Thanks Michelle
BigDaddyFred Premium
Great post! Thank you, BigDaddyFred
dunbar Premium
doing really great well done cheers Helen
GoSparky Premium
Thanks Helen
lindon11 Premium
You certainly have put a heap of work In!
GoSparky Premium
Hi Lindon - I really like writing. It seems to come quite naturally to me. The point I was trying to make is really so newbies don't make the same mistake I made. Build a few pages and get it reviewed,any mistakes are easy to correct at this stage.
Good luck on your WA journey