Fun Weekend

Last Update: Mar 26, 2017


This weekend, my wife finished her hard work, and she has some stress. We need to have some stress reduction activity. It's time to Relax.

So on Saturday morning we drove to Samut Songkhram province, and went to Mae Klong railway station. Where “Rom Hub Market” is located. I’ve never been there before. ‘Rom Hub’ is mean folding umbrella. This is amazing market, it is locating right on the active railroad track, and the local passengers train come and goes on regular schedule every day. It’s a kind of fun, and exciting.

When there is no train, the vendors’ sale their good as a usual like general market. This area is quite well known for tourists. When I walked around some vendors talked to me in English, (they thought that I am tourist). The fun part, was whenever the train is approaching to the station, all vendors will fold their umbrella quickly and move their containers, anything that get in the way of coming train. But what I saw was, a lot of people including me (visitors) were waiting for slow train coming through and we want to take pictures. The train was slowly move through the market, passing vendors, local people and all tourists in a very close distance. Fortunately, this is safe, and fun. Then afterward, vendors continue their business as usual. Many people went to take pictures with train for their good memory.

If you visit Bangkok, this market is not far from Bangkok. It's recommend to you.

Recent Comments


hope you had a stress free day.

Yes, I am fine now. thanks for stopping by.

Have's good for the brain

Yes, I agree.

Good pix...I think I remember some of those scenes on some of my previous visits to Thailand...

Yes sir, glad you'd visit this place. thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

Looks like you guys had a fun and stress free day Goson. Nice pics.

Thanks so much Jerome. we have a great time. Have a nice weekend.

thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Love the pictures. The markets are cool that you share. Fascinating place you live.

Thanks Kevin, for stopping by and comment. It's really nice experiences. I knew this place before but just had a chance to visit.

What an interesting place!! Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

Your welcome Sharon, appreciate your comment.

nice place ...get fun


Great place for stress reduction, Goson! I hope you have fun!

Yes I have Rebecca. Thanks.

Amazing place that people can wait and walk beside the train.

Yes, It's so much fun. Happy, Happy. thanks for stopping by.

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