Want to be my FB friend???

Last Update: Jul 6, 2014


Well, don't do to this if you are sending me FB friend requests.

Lately I've accepted a lot of friend requests, thinking they were WA members. Somehow, people are finding my profile, and I've had so many inappropriate messages, propositions and pictures it's not even funny.

So here is what I do now before accepting a friend request: I check their friend list. Any guy that only has female friends, and all their pictures seem to be a contest of who has bigger boobs and sexier selfie is not accepted.

I am not on FB to help people I've never met come to Canada, or have a relationship with someone living 5 continents away, lol.

Thinking to start another FB account with only my original friends, like I had before. So, what kind of inappropriate messages have your received?

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Of course, we should check first before accepting any friend requests. This is social media and a lot of dirty stuff are going on around. We have to be careful all the time. If I don't find them on WA I simply ignore them. I have never received any inappropriate messages yet thus far. Sorry, if I didn't pay attention to some of you. I'm so sorry, too, for those ones who experience such unlikely stuff. Social media is a great tool but a lot of people just abuse its use.

Yup, Betcha. Double edge sword, that's for sure

I've not been around long enough to get on Facebook yet. Not sure now that I want to!

yeah have had women message me and say that they love me and that they want to spend the rest of their lives with me. I have seen several of the people like these get their accounts cancelled for trying to pull scams like that.

Doesn't it make you wonder how someone can say they love you without meeting you??? Do you delete these people?

Have had 3 or 4 young good looking women wanting me to contact them! Now why would they want an old, bald, fat man to contact them. Must be my good content writing huh! Am amazed at the scams out there.

Maybe they want you to help them come to your country?? I've had requests like that. I used to think FB was only for friends who knew each other. Guess I was wrong

Right on Dennis... got the same sitch... can't figure it out!!! LOL!!!

I was never one of those that like to get a lot of friends on their FG accounts, so I have been lucky so far that I have not received any inappropriate messages, just keep close friends and family.

Thank you for reading, Kim. I didn't either, because I only added my "real" friends. It was only after I started accepting WA friend request that other people started contacting me.
Not to say it is WA members that are doing that, but probably friends of friends, of friends.....

I get kind of nervous about friending people on Facebook too. If I don'tknow anything about them. I got a lot of those money making scams somehow and I don't know how to get rid of them.

Me too, Starcreator. I've actually reported some "friends" for harassment, and FB is now not allowing them to contact me. You can also block people.
Another thing I've done is make all my original friends "close friends", and limited my friend list and pics to only be visible to them.

Yae, I hear you. My Facebook account hasn't grown much. I can't keep up with all of them. Google+ keeps growing.

Good advice. Call me over cautious but i never put pics of my daughter on the net. I've had fb friends posting pictures of scantily clad kids in the past and i'm just cringing at who could get their hands on them.

You can always unsubscribe to unwanted scam emails

Use a fan page for your business and your personal page for you


I haven't started a fan page. I would have no "fans", lol

You can get fans from WA


People keep adding me to groups without my permission. Not so much anymore but for a while it was really annoying.

I only accept people I know......

I have been contacted by a friend asking for another friend request ... then she started up a conversation about how she had managed to achieve $100.000 via the International Monetary Fund..... The long and short of it was a second party was bought in as an agent for this fund and I was quickly told I had won .... But it would cost me so much to receive the money.... I was google searching the IMF as this was going on and they do not give money away, I quickly worked out it was a scam. The so called agent had obviously compromised some one else's face book page... Be ware... Your friends can be used like this. I contacted my friend via email and told her her face book page has been been compromised, and de friended her until it was sorted.

Omg, the way people use FB to manipulate others for their own gain. My friend list is only visible to me, but undesirable ther "friends" can see those friends' lists. So I can see where others can find me. You can only control your settings.
Absolutely right about be ware message.

I am lucky, just a couple of unproper requests, but I have been very selective in accepting friends and publishing things!

Smart move, DB. I've already deleted and blocked quite a few.

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