More Than A Blogging Course

Last Update: May 30, 2019

Who's Also Into Blogging?

I recently enrolled in a blogging course offered in Udemy, my purpose was to spy on their system and while watching the lesson "Choosing A Subject For Your Blog", I got reminded to how good our trainers here in WA especially Kyle in discussing this subject.

Check out Kyle's lesson here on how to choose a niche for your blog

Of course, the trainer in Udemy is also good, I think she's an Irish or British because of her accent, which made me quite struggle to understand because I am used to American accent and not with the British.

What I can say is, they are also good. Compared to other courses out there found on the web particularly on YouTube, some courses inside Udemy are also good. But a significant number of them especially the free ones, are trash.

But this course on blogging, I can say that if someone from here is looking for a more focused training on blogging, then the course that I enrolled may be a good option, too.

But Let Me Caution You...

Most of the courses are in videos, meaning, if your internet speed is slow, then you are not going to enjoy the course. Unlike here where Kyle discusses things with a combination of text lessons and video lessons, it's all videos in Udemy.

Then, if you have questions, you can also ask the trainer but don't expect them to respond as quickly as our guys here do. Here in Wealthy Affiliate, if you have questions, you can post immediately through the comment section of the lesson and in minutes, you will see replies. Or, if you are premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can utilize our Live Chat.

But one thing they have that we don't have here, is the certificate once you have completed the course. Here, we don't have a certificate to display to our audiences which can sometimes be used to attract new clients. But then, someone here argued we don't need a certificate, what we need is "know how".

Do you agree?

All in all, I can say that courses like this are good, but not really necessary, as we have them all here in Wealthy Affiliate.

What We Have Here in WA is More Than A Blogging Course

Someone might say it is cheaper to enroll in a Udemy course... That might be true, but don't lose sight of the fact that what we're getting from here isn't only "learning" but "hosting" too. Plus, a bunch of productivity tools for winning in online business!

So, if you are reading this as an outsider of WA, if you want to learn more how to start your own blog, get in. This is the best place to learn and actually start your blog. And if you're a member of WA reading this, you don't have to go farther. We have the best here!


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BrendaMZ Premium
Gomer, the videos at Udemy are not closed captioned. The courses would not benefit people with a hearing loss or are deaf like myself. Vimeo videos usually are not closed captioned unlike YT. For user experience, WA not only has videos but everything is written in textual content that helps people with hearing loss. I used my dictation software that translates speech to text, however, its not perfect, the texts that spells out speech often are misspelled and a lot of gaps due to speaker talking too fast or has accent that the software cant pick up on. Thanks for sharing your post with us.
GomMagtibay Premium
Exactly. No text translation unlike here, we have a combination of videos and text in a lesson.
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!

GauravGaur Premium
I was not knowing udemy offers free courses too.
GomMagtibay Premium
They have. The ugly courses, like short tutorials on Adobe Photoshop. They're free. They're marked "free". But they also have paid lessons on Photoshop, which are better.
Elijah1916 Premium
Online courses are the most lucrative online business under MMO Niche. So when you say you enrolled to spy on them, I believe you want to go into it. I will encourage you to do so, but better to launch under your own website, not any third party platform. Best wishes to you.
Amelita Premium
Hi there Gomer, I enjoyed this post because a couple days ago, I was trolling around Udemy in search of info for a review post.

It was not very easy for me to navigate and I had no luck finding any free training. I know it exists.

Also, from what I could tell, a course at Udemy is often less than the monthly membership here but it only covers that one lesson right? I mean, each lesson may teach the student 5 or ten main things but that is so limited.

We are so lucky here because the small monthly membership gives us near unlimited training at no extra cost. I love it here so much!!! :)))))

Udemy does seem to be a good (trusted) place to go if you are not already a member here, or wish for a few small lessons. Personally, there is no way I will pay for any of the training at Udemy.
As you have already pointed out, We have it all here at Wealthy Affiliate :)

Hopefully this post will reach those people in search of "MORE than a blogging course" because you have done a great comparison here and you are so very correct in saying that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely MORE than a blogging course ;)

Hope the best for you Gomer
GomMagtibay Premium
At first, people would suspect that it is Udemy that I am referring to with "more than a blogging course" heading, but the reality is, it is our course/s here in Wealthy Affiliate. :)
Amelita Premium
That is true it threw me off at first :)
You shared some great info and gave us new insight.
Great post