Changing DNS Settings in

Last Update: June 25, 2012
Here is a quick directive on how to change your DNS setting with GoDaddy.

You'll need this information to make the change:

1. Open in a separate link so you still have these instructions handy.
2. Log into your GoDaddy account.
3. You'll see the icon for Domains and a large green LAUNCH button.
4.Press this button to see all of your domains. Click on the domain you want to change. The DOMAIN DETAILS page will open .
5. Scroll down to NAMESERVERS.
6. Click on the hyperlink that says "Set Nameservers." A pop-up window will open.
7. You'll see four options:
I want to park my domains.
I want to forward my domains.
I have a hosting account with these domains.
I have specific nameservers for my domains. (Select this option.)
Select the forth option.
8. You'll see four boxes labelled Nameserver 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.
9. Paste in the Nameserver 1 box.
10. Paste in the Nameserver 2 box.
10. Click OK and you're done.

You'll get a message that it could take up to 48 hours for the change to take place. But the two times that I did it, the change was in place in less than an hour.

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Robsongz Premium
Thank you so much for the info!!! It was very helpful!!!
Orca Premium
Thank you, very easy to follow.
RMaskell Premium
Awesome, thank you. Got this done in minutes. Without your easy step by step I have no idea how long this would have taken me!
Goldenlady Premium
Hi RMaskell,
So glad you could use this. I still use it myself whenever I set up a new website here at W.A.
Goldenlady Premium
Thanks, bike chick. I am so glad they helped you. That's the great thing about WA. I have found so many quick solutions that have been posted by the members here.
bike chick Premium
Golden Lady - YOU ROCK! Thank you SO MUCH. I was so confused, and your step by step directions worked like a charm. :)
CJSH Premium
Hello everyone I need help with my DNS i don't get the box with the 4 choices only two , one is standard and the other custom wich i choose, still when i log in WA to go to my website i see the set DNS instructions like if nothing happen and this was done like over a week ago i don't know whats going on, help please.