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Last Update: October 05, 2018

Hello WA Rockstars,

So we are all checking out the new comments 2.0 It's pretty exciting. As Carlson talked about in his post about all the new upgrades and how you can even start to earn revenue. That's pretty rockstar right there.

They've set up a pretty unique way for comments to get answered faster. Many people earn credits to be able to put their articles in for comments which means they are giving site feedback or giving comments. In the past many people would have to wait weeks before they might get one. Huge reason the amount of skipping over that would occur.

So what they've done which is cool you can become a certified commentor to earn this revenue. Which means you need to maintain an 80% approval rate on comments you make and a 20% or less skip over rate. What that does people will get good quality comments and comments will get done faster because their articles are not being continuously skipped over.

With this like all new things they will have bugs. As I was seeing a lot of comments on Carlson's post on some that said not interested had legit reasons the page wouldn't load or it was not in their language very legit reasons as I myself had a 404 error page and had to skip it.

My thought on that was why not have check boxes for why you're skipping it. Page won't load or not in my language that way it doesn't affect your skip percentage.

Now a lot of skipping also happens because of just not interested in the article to me that's a cop out and not fair to our fellow members. There are many articles I have not been interested in but I read the article and can come up with a quality comment for that article.

So remember it's like a new born baby and will take time to grow.

Rock your Journey,


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dsteven3 Premium
I try and do that to. I've learned a lot of different things so far. I commented in a ED article yesterday. It was a very good read actually. Good post
Sandra52 Premium
Enjoyed your post. It could be some people don't realize they should do this. I just found the thing about comments and Gravatar. I'm not into html. I could wipe this site out if I started messing with that. But I'll become a better commentator. Thanks, Sandra52
JudsonH1 Premium
It still is knew to me and I don’t know what I am looking at yet. I’ll keep checking it out.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, David.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Great observations...
made the same reflexions.

Some times article is way out of understanding.
And commenting penalized...
Godsmack12 Premium
Yes I think a check box system would work nicely.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Yes... great idea
Hope it is picked up, since nobody wants to skip