Its working!

Last Update: March 24, 2018


I've gained an amount of success at last, in a small way. Turning on my computer this morning and logging onto the Amazon associate programme. Normally when I do this to check activity, the clicks are shown but no amounts of money.

To my excitement this morning there was a sale on here and £0.21 in my account. I actually started laughing out loud, as all along I've been motivated and even when not feeling on top of the world, just kept my head down thinking "something will happen!"

The something has just happened and there is also £0.77 in my adsense account as well. So things are looking up, hard work is starting to pay off.

So for all the people who like me, over the last month have just kept plodding along and doing the courses. It does pay off, the niggling doubt in the back of your head, "does this stuff actually work". Well I'm here to say "yes it does" the niggling will probably never go away, that's what running your own business is probably going to be like.

My guess is that this niggling will get less and less over time, as more traffic volume hits and I see more activity through my website.

Anyway time for a rest for now, just need to check the google analytics, the adsense, the affiliate programme sales, the social media feeds........

Actually not today, today is a celebration.

Keep going everyone - success is around that very corner.

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KCorina Premium
That's great! I remember my first commission, 16 cents. Sounds like you're on the right path. Keep going!
BrittaneyS Premium
Congratulations! Your income trickle has begun and that is awesome :)

Keep working hard and I wish you success in the months ahead :)
skendrick4 Premium
gtusa91 Premium
Incredible! Congratulations! I always have those nagging thoughts in the back of my head, but I know I will get there eventually. Thanks for sharing
ericcantu Premium
Congratulations and great job. I remember clearly when I got my first commission and how I kept saying over and over "it's working... it's working... it's working!..."

Remember this feeling and push forward!