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I have completed a year at Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I'd share some of my views.Firstly I would like to say that it's not a scam! That was my first thought this time last year when I was wondering if this was too good to be true.2) You do need hard work, websites do not just appear, constant tweaking and writing has to be done.3) You do need time - I still get shocked at how fast the time flies just by writing a post and sharing that post across various platforms. Time waits for no man!
April 10, 2018
Everything is stagnantYou know the feeling, put up content, put up content, keep checking sales, any money coming in. In a word "NO", it reminds me of the old John McEnroe phrase - after looking for almost two weeks since the last sale on your site, you shout at your screen "OH Come on, you cannot be serious"!Traffic is coming in, people are leaving good feedback, is there anything that is missing. Checked with your affiliate coach, yes all is fine just trust the process, content, content, co
March 24, 2018
HighlightsI've gained an amount of success at last, in a small way. Turning on my computer this morning and logging onto the Amazon associate programme. Normally when I do this to check activity, the clicks are shown but no amounts of money.To my excitement this morning there was a sale on here and £0.21 in my account. I actually started laughing out loud, as all along I've been motivated and even when not feeling on top of the world, just kept my head down thinking "something will hap
March 09, 2018
Before Wealthy AffiliateThoughts before joining Wealthy Affiliate:I need some more side incomeI'd like to run my own businessIs there anything out there that is legit?Go on then, Let's do this, Let's sign up to WA, the reviews look good and there isn't any negative stuff out there. Oh wait a negative review, oh no, its just people who thought it was going to be an easy get rich quick scheme.TrainingThoughts during training,Wow this is what I was born for, its right what I wanted. Its hard wor
March 08, 2018
Just wanted to share my delight that my website is pn page 2 of a google search. Might not sound amazing to some people but for me this is a massive plus as I've only been with the WA community 3 weeks. 3 weeks people, that is an amazing feat. Anyway just posted as wanted to encourage anyone on here who is struggling to say keep going, have fun, ask for help and see what happens.wishing everyone the best
March 04, 2018
I've learnt so much in the last week, I've found these sessions to be harder than the previous but mainly as I needed to put more work in to see it through. Grateful for my WA friends and my main mentor for helping me during this time.Here we go again, fun times ahead!Keep on, keeping on.....
February 28, 2018
Yes another great achievement - can't believe it. Thanks WA and all the community on here, wishing everyone great success in all they are starting on here.
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February 25, 2018
I've only been a part of WA for 5 days and already I've learnt so much. I have already set up a website, google + account, links to social media, blogs posts etc etc etc. It just feels like I am really progressing towards my goals.To have a website is just a great feeling and something that I didn't even have a week ago, it just goes to show, some dedication and training by good people at WA can make you go a long way in 5 days!My next goal is to complete the website I have been working on wh
February 23, 2018
Really loving these lessons - right up my street!!
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February 21, 2018
Hi all,Looking forward to getting started - any top tips appreciated as I'm just about to do the training lessons.Look forward to getting going and working hard to make this a success!
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