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Last Update: March 08, 2018

Just wanted to share my delight that my website is pn page 2 of a google search. Might not sound amazing to some people but for me this is a massive plus as I've only been with the WA community 3 weeks. 3 weeks people, that is an amazing feat. Anyway just posted as wanted to encourage anyone on here who is struggling to say keep going, have fun, ask for help and see what happens.

wishing everyone the best

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stvmnn Premium
Wow, that is an accomplishment! Hope you see some serious traffic!
gtusa91 Premium
That's incredible news for such a new site! Heck, even older site
Vinsquest Premium
That is an amazing feat. It took me longer than that when I started. Keep up the good work.
Wishing you the best as well.