What is Wealthy Affiliate For - What Are My Options To Join?

Last Update: July 05, 2018

You've heard about it on the grapevine by now, and you are probably wondering: What is Wealthy Affiliate for? If you already know this, you may be thinking what are my options to join? I mean what is it all about and what is the best way to join to get the maximum benefit? Other questions you may be asking yourself might resemble the following; How can it help you and how do you join if you aren't already a member here? How can you decide when to join? What can you expect from your first introduction to this platform called "Wealthy Affiliate" where you can learn to drive your own business engine full steam ahead? You may have arrived here through a link you were given by a friend, or found in an email, or newsletter, on a website or some other place. Curiosity perhaps got the better of you so you clicked on the link or article, signed up, and here you are. Now what?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Let's answer the first burning question and that is what is Wealthy Affiliate for anyway? Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is a place for learning all about affiliate marketing. How can it help you? It is a training platform suitable for all levels of knowledge, from beginners to more technologically advanced members, in the art of affiliate marketing. This platform and the training courses within, teaches you all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing right from the moment of conception, from choosing a niche, to building your website, and populating it with quality content in order for you to start and run an online business as an affiliate marketer. In short, you choose a niche by thinking of something you are knowledgable about, or have a passion for, or even something you have an interest in learning more about. If you get stuck, you can start with the bootcamp and learn how to market in the 'make money online' niche where they teach you the nuts and bolts of creating your content all around this niche. You will learn how to build your first website within less than a minute, and how to set it all up ready for use, without the headache of being a newbie and knowing nothing. But it is so much more than that too.

But What Is Affiliate Marketing Did I Hear You Ask?

Now what is this affiliate marketing, I've heard something about it but what is it?

It is merely the act of linking people who are looking for a particular product, with companies that sell those products. People come to your website for information on your niche. Your website will have all kinds of articles relating to that niche, some of which may discuss products or services from companies that you are affiliated with. These companies will pay you a commission for recommending their products and services, which often is conditional on whether or not there has been a sale as a result of your recommendation.


Before you get all excited about the potential, and start making plans to sell all kinds of things, it is very important to be recommending good quality products that you actually use yourself or would be willing to use or buy so that you can be genuine in what you are promoting to your readers. Affiliate marketing should be beneficial to your reader first and foremost, not just about making money for yourself. Bear in mind that when you build your website and start adding content to it, having an informative, helpful or interesting website, that helps people solve problems, will go a long way to engaging your readers rather than just being all about selling, selling and more selling. You need to gain a certain amount of trust with your readers before you can expect them to consider buying something at your recommendation. But they teach you all about that here too. For the majority of people here, the affiilate marketing aspect comes secondary to the main content of their website.

It Is So Much More Than A Training Course In Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is not just an affiliate marketing training course, even though it's main aim revolves around that. It has grown so much over these past years since the beginning. There are a whole range of questions put to the owners and the community that have already been answered and all part of the continuing additions to the training. You can easily find them by doing a simple search if ever you need to know something. There are training videos and tutorials by the owners as well as members of the community who regularly contribute their knowledge or skills. The community here are very engaged in helping each other with offering training in all manner of topics that don't just relate to affiiliate marketing, you can find information on many other online business ideas or additional ways to make money online, as well as many business related questions too.

It's Packed Full Of Useful Information and Instructions

If you are looking for information on how to write eBooks as an example, or want to know a bit more about dropshipping, or how to make your own digital products, or sell your own products or art that you have created and want to add a shop to your website, or perhaps you are stuck on a website theme, you will find a lot of information and training here too. If your question hasn't already been answered somewhere here then you can ask your question to the owners and community and you will get your answer. Social media is covered, as well as how to write your articles or even outsourcing to other people. I still haven't even scratched the surface of what is available here and I'm so impressed by what I have found so far.

You benefit from the combined knowledge of the community!

The training videos and tutorials are created by the owners, experts, and community members who wish to impart their knowledge for others to benefit from. You will learn how to get traffic to your website using keywords and other means and have access to the best keyword search tool on the internet to date. Writing your content is so simple with their Site Content feature and if you need a free image to slot in to your article, that's covered too. The support here is amazing with Wealthy Affiliate maintaining your website for you while still giving you control of what you want to do with it, unlike other companies claiming to be similar to Wealthy Affiliate. There is always immediate help in the form of a live chat option where people can post questions to the community or the owners and will get instant help any time of the day or night because there are always people using it. The staff at site support are online 24 hours per day and respond within minutes of you posting a support ticket. Plus the owners themselves can be directly contacted for assistance and are regularly actively participating here in the community, which is rare in this day and age. This is just a snippet of what you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Are You Here At Wealthy Affiliate?

Now is a good time to ask yourself what made you click on the link or article in the first place.

  • It may be that you were attracted by the 'free' aspect. For some of you that means that you can feel safe knowing that you are not risking anything by giving it a go.
  • You may have liked the idea of your hand being held at each step. That was one of it's appeals to me, among many.
  • Depending on how it was presented to you, many of you might have been interested in the promise of earning while you learn. Which is a much better option than paying to do a degree at a normal university and not being able to earn money until after you graduate and get a job.
  • For others it may be that you have an interest in the online world, in creating some kind of business online for any number of reasons. For myself, it is due to the fact that I am an unpaid Carer and have limited employment options and so I turned my thoughts to working from home in my own hours where I could be as flexible as I needed to be and not be encumbered by a time limit. I had been looking into affiliate marketing but had no idea how to start. I couldn't find anything else that offered the same comprehensive course that taught me from scratch how to do this. I only found bits and pieces of information that didn't gel together in any recognisable form that would get me where I wanted to be. Once I found Wealthy Affiliate, I have never looked back.
  • Other people are wanting to escape the grind of working fulltime, they are looking to move away from the rat race.
  • Financial freedom to do what you want, when you want to and not be dictated to in a job situation, is a huge drawing card.
  • Online business may be your tool to achieve multiple streams of income
  • Or just be a part time hobby
  • Or a wish to leave your mark on this world.
  • It may be that you are retired and got bored and wanted to do something to help keep you busy while bringing in some extra cash.
  • Or retired but struggling to make ends meet
  • You may have a disability and wanted to find a job you can do from home

Whatever your reason, and however you came to be here, you have made a really great decision to click on that link to learn something new that has the potential to create a wonderful online business for you, even if that wasn't the main reason you came here today.

How Do You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Joining is as easy as entering your email address into the bar when prompted at arrival here and clicking on the Get Started icon next to it. Some of you may have already joined Wealthy Affiliate after clicking on someone's link to open a free account. If you delved straight into things, congratulations on taking the first steps to creating your future and I hope you are enjoying your 7 day access to all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you have been referred here by a link from someone but haven't yet opened your account, there should be an option to open a free account somewhere on this page. If you are mulling over whether to open your free account or not, it might be helpful to read on.

Please take a moment to read this before signing up for your free account or choosing the premium membership.

Firstly, if you were directed to a sign up page for your free account, let me suggest you have a good look around the website that you were directed to. If you need to, try to go back to the initial link or article and click on it again so you can take a better look. Otherwise once you have become a member by opening a free account, you will end up on this part of the site, which is where you need to be to start your training and learn more. The initial pages that you may have landed on give you a really good rundown of what you need to know and what affilate marketing is all about so that you have a basic idea of what you will learn. There are 7 page tabs that many people don't realise are there, and are full of information, as well as a direct link from that page to the Wealthy Affiliate Home page also, that will show you the basic layout of what is available to the free members, and then more becomes accessible upon joining. Once signed up you will be sent your log in details and will have immediate access to the training.

But Wait - There's More! - You Have Options

Today I particularly wanted to bring up some important points about when you join that you really need to know before doing anything else. The main reason for this is that I don't want you to do something that you can't go back and change later. When you sign up you receive a taste of the premium membership for 7 days to get a good headstart on your training while being able to access the complete site. This means that you can take a look around all of the training methods, course levels in the certification course and the bootcamp and work as far into them as you can for free in the first 7 days. Once the 7 days are up, your membership reverts back to the basic free membership, giving you access now to only the first level of both courses. You will then only have limited access to the site including 2 of the classrooms. This should be enough to give you a really good start to setting yourself up with 1, or 2 free websites, if you are feeling extra excited, and basic information to work at building a business from this. At some stage, you will reach a point where you may wish to learn more and then choose to upgrade to a premium membership.

I'm not telling you this to put you off becoming a premium member, because I believe the premium membership is well worth spending the money, and my advice to you would be to definitely become a premium member as soon as you can. But remaining a free member may be all you need right now to kick start your business and all you are ready for at this moment.

I'm telling you this because during your 7 day trial, you will be given an option to upgrade to a premium membership at a cheaper rate for the first month and then you will continue on to pay the normal price per month from the month following on from this. This is a wonderful offer, saving you around $30 in the first month and many of you may be tempted to opt in to this deal. What I want you to really think about though, is that there is a huge amount of information here, too much to get through in a 7 day period, even working every hour of every day and you are not likely to be able to make your way through it all in a week, nor in that first month either. I will reiterate here that I firmly believe the premium membership is the way to go, but you need to be aware of what happens once you sign up and how it might affect you down the track if you don't choose what is right for you in this moment. I'll cover some options shortly.

It is important to first consider how much time you believe you will be able to spare towards working on your business. If you don't think you can get very far into the first certification course, level 1, then the big question is how serious are you plannning to be in your business building efforts? Are you looking at it to have a little play around, or are you keen to build a business? If the latter, are you prepared to put the effort in from the start to work through all of the courses, so that paying the monthly premium membership fee will be thought of as the cost of starting your business? The other question is can you afford the monthly premium membership now? I ask this because if you take up the offer of the cheaper first month, and then realise you aren't quite prepared in terms of time, mental committment and finances to start paying for your monthly premium fees, you cannot, I repeat, cannot, go back to a free starter membership. Even if you stop paying your membership for a while, you will always need to pay your monthly premium to start back up again.

My Suggested Options To You Are:

Option 1 - For Full Steam Ahead Business Builders

If the reason you are here is to start an online business, and you are fully prepared mentally, timewise, and financially to commit to this seriously, by all means, don't wait, go right ahead open your free account today and get started immediately. Then before the end of the 7 days take up the offer to become a premium member at the discounted first month price and continue on the following month to pay your monthly membership fee while working on your business. Better stiil, consider purchasing a yearly membership to save money over the course of the year.

If you work consistently at this, and don't give up, you will succeed. It will take time so don't despair and just keep going. The only people who are likely not to succeed at this are those people who give up too soon. I've seen it happen time and again here, where people think of this as a get rick quick scheme, pay for a few months and don't see the big dollars by then and decide it doesn't work. So they quit, all the while complaining they wasted their money or labeling it a scam. I have never expected to be earning money immediately. I was fully prepared to pay to learn, as I did in my own university degree.

Even though the free try out for premium membership is a huge drawcard, you still need to put in the work, as with any business venture, and wait to see the results. When choosing Option 1, it is important to work your way through the training in its entirety and do not skip over parts. This will give you the best value for your money and is the way that you will start to see some success.

Option 2 - Look Around But Don't Sign Up Yet!

If the reason you are here is because you have been considering different ways to build an online business and wanted to have a look around and weigh things up, then this option is for you. If it interested you, but you aren't quite ready to commit to beginning the course due to time constraints, finances or mental preparedness, then don't sign up at all just yet. Wait until you know you can at least spend the time during the 7 days of the free trial of the premium membership to make it worth while and to give you a really good indication if it is right for you. If you sign up now and can't spend the time, you will waste your opportunity to spend the 7 days really looking around and won't get the benefit of it at all. It will leave you with a negative experience of something that could have been perfect for you at the right time. At least if you hold off on signing up until a better time for you, you will be able to make a better, more informed decision when you come back to it and you won't have wasted your opportunity. Look at Option 3 if in time, you decide to sign up for your free account so you can be fully informed of what steps you might need to take. Option 1 may not be suitable for you yet.

Option 3 - Sign Up But Remain A Free Member For Now - Do Not Upgrade Yet!

If you think you would like to start an online business in affiliate marketing, but aren't able to afford the premium membership at this time, then the best option for you is to sign up for your free account, making sure you have set aside large chunks of time to work frantically through your 7 days premium membership trial and get as far into the training as you can. At this stage I would still hold your horses on taking up the discounted first month offer during those initial 7 days and continue as a free member for some time. This will still give you a great start to building your business and even give you some tools for you to start earning some money, which you could always put towards upgrading at a later date. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to a premium membership at any time you wish, it is only the discount in the first month that you would miss out on, which in the overall scheme of things is about $30.00.

While it seems like a good deal, and it truly is if you are doing Option 1, once you click on that upgrade button and pay your fee, remember what I said before, you can never return to a free starter membership. Which wouldn't matter if you had planned to do this as a business and were prepared to pay the fee every month, but does matter if you can't quite afford the monthly fee yet. I feel a duty to tell people this because I have found a few people have gone ahead and taken up the offer of a discounted first month and then found that they couldn't continue paying for the monthly fee temporarily for various reasons. For them to be able to continue working on their sites at this stage, they had been hoping to be able to drop back down to a free starter membership status and just use the basic platform until they could afford to start up again, but this is not how it works here. Now they have got themselves in a pickle and can only come back to working on their websites after paying their fee for the month they are wanting to start back up in.

It may sound unfair, but Wealthy Affiliate are still a business and much of the information provided is the intellectual property of the many contributors here. In terms of the 7 day trial, which is only a short time that people can access all of this knowledge without paying, we still have to acknowledge that it can't be offered for free indefinitely. This way people can see for themselves the value of being able to access this knowledge and people don't take the hard work that the owners and other members have put into this for granted. So unless you can regularly pay every month, do not upgrade yet. Continue on as a free member until you are in a better position financially. Once you arrive at this point I advise you to upgrade to premium and get the full benefit of being here.

In Conclusion

I hope you will consider what I have spoken about here and the question "what is Wealthy Afiiliate for" no longer remains a mystery to you. While I would love to see everyone who clicks on a link that brings them here, sign up and begin a life changing journey, I would also prefer to see them not being too much of an eager beaver and have them choose the option that is right for them. I truly hope that you decide to try the training at Wealthy Affiliate because it can open up so many doors and opportunities for you. If you can see the potential here, then you are already well on your way to succeeding in an online business using the tools and training provided within Wealthy Affiliate.

It's a course, a business and a huge resource centre, all wrapped up in the one package!

If you think of it as a business as well as a course, you may find it easier to justify paying the small monthly fee to build yourself a business. When looking at what it would cost you to build a business offline, or to do a university course, the expense here is a mere fraction. Any brick and mortar business costs a large amount of money to start up, not to mention the costs of maintaining it. They often run at a loss in their first year of business. In their second, if they are lucky, they break even. In their third year they may see a small profit if they haven't already folded by then. Sadly, many do not see their third year.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, the cost involved is so small in comparison and you are more likely to see a profit within your first year, maybe much sooner, as long as you have stayed the course and followed the training, step by step, and put in the time. The other benefit of an online business is that it is portable. You can take it anywhere that has an internet connection, and be able to actively add to your blog or have it passively earning an income for you, while you are sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a pina colada. Sound good? Well what are you waiting for? Choose an option, make a plan and get started!

Thank you for your time and attention

Warm Regards


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Lazyblogger Premium
Ange, great post, and very good keyword. You are taking the training to heart. Looking forward to your accomplishments and success.

Make it a great weekend!
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Hi Bishop
Thanks for checking out my post and for your supportive comments. I really appreciate it. Glad you saw the use of the keyword and I'm pleased that you see it as a one with potential. I'm trying to put my training to good use while also trying to be of help to new or potential members if they can find the best option that suits their circumstances before taking their next step. Hopefully it will save a headache or two for some of them at least. Enjoy your weekend too.
Ange :)
Lazyblogger Premium
Great choice and aspirations for newbies. They stay in my forefront as well. God Speed.
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Brilliant.Let's Go!
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Hi Michael
Alright, let's get going! I hope everyone reading this will understand my message here, which is to help new potential members get the best out of Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks so much for reading this ultra-long post and for commenting.
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Thanks for answering so many of my questions in one go.
Give It A Go Premium
Hi Penny,
I'm really glad you found some answers here for yourself. I know it's a long post but I hope that many people will take the time to look at it and that it may help them with their decision. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
Take care
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Huge post. I think it should rank well on Google and get you some traffic and sign ups.
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Hi Enstine
Yeah I know. A very big post! I really felt it was important to let people know the information inside. It is mainly to give people a bit of a heads up about a couple of things that have happened to my own referrals because they hadn't realised how things worked here. I wanted to be able to direct my new people to this post so that they can see what options they have and hope that they don't dive in too soon if they are not quite ready yet. Thanks so much for commenting.