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You've heard about it on the grapevine by now, and you are probably wondering: What is Wealthy Affiliate for? If you already know this, you may be thinking what are my options to join? I mean what is it all about and what is the best way to join to get the maximum benefit? Other questions you may be asking yourself might resemble the following; How can it help you and how do you join if you aren't already a member here? How can you decide when to join? What can you expect from your first introd
Thanks to the enormous amount of combined knowledge found here at Wealthy Affiliate, I learned how to write an eBook and finally finished it today. I am so grateful for the community here who offer training, posts, tips, answers to questions, advice, and general information on a multitude of topics associated with owning and operating an online business. And they do this because this is what it means to be part of this awesome community. Here there are people helping each other to overcome stru
November 02, 2017
Yay. How exciting! I got my badge for breaking into the Top 200 in rank.
Oh my goodness, do I feel a bit of a duffer or what? All this time I have been bookmarking WA blogs and training in whatever browser I happened to be using at any given time. It has made it quite difficult to go back and find them again, even with attempting to import them. I only just discovered that by clicking on the star icon in the questions search bar at the top of the page, if I had saved any of the blogs, questions, or training that I liked as 'favourites', I could do a quick search for
This is a question I had which had been preventing me from continuing to create my Google Adwords account for quite some time.Being a complete Newbie to all of the products Google have created to help with building an online business, I just didn't know what to do when I opened an account and I was immediately led to set up an ad campaign. All I wanted was to be able to use the keyword planner tool as a comparison with Jaaxy and because it has been brought up so many times in Wealthy Affiliate
February 18, 2016
I was so excited last night. I happened to log into Share A Sale because I wanted to check an affiliate link I had been using on one of my websites against my Share A Sale account. Suddenly I noticed that there was an amount in my balance. I haven't quite worked my way around the Share A Sale site yet so I wasn't sure whether that meant I had a commission or if they were trying to charge me for something, not that I could think of anything they would be charging me for. I didn't want to get too
January 30, 2016
I am feeling really proud at the moment. My daughter has just started a free account here at WA to 'give it a go'. I have been hoping that she would take a look and kept my fingers crossed that she would like what she saw. For her to take this step means a lot to me.If you feel inclined, please pop over to her profile and say hi, she has been working her way through the training since she joined. I'm impressed. community is fantastic. Thanks and love
Hi everyone.Do you ever have those days when you just can't seem to get on with things? I've been feeling like this for weeks now. I have been totally unable to concentrate on my websites and training. How does one get past these feelings? By changing their perception of what seems to be a negative and focusing on the positive. I'm a carer which is always time consuming, but we also had a few extra events to fit into my schedule recently, which is haphazard at the best of times while I fit in m
I am so excited to have upgraded to the yearly premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate during the Black Friday special. I have been hoping to upgrade to a yearly premium but due to the exchange rate for Aussie dollars versus US dollars, it made it an enormous amount for one off payment for a person in the early stages of developing a business, and who is on limited funds. I wish I could have taken on yearly membership at the beginning but the funds just weren't there.Thanks to Kyle and Carson
Hi everyone. I've just come home from a 10 day cruise to Papua New Guinea (very beautiful and worth going back to) and am struggling to get back into things at the moment. Catching up on all of the emails alone from the various people I follow has taken days and meeting all my wonderful new WA friends too. My goodness, haha. That alone has kept me from adding articles to my sad-looking websites that are displaying a poor health line now. (sad face). I need to stop looking at all those shiny thi