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Last Update: August 11, 2017

If you encounter issues on how to change the layout of your theme the best thing to do is to go direct to those that created the theme and ask for help. Although the WA support team are fabulous, sometimes going to the source stops any frustrations!

My theme is Kale and I had the best experience going direct to their support people asking for some guidance on changing default images...and who knows what else I may need going forward?

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RikaSF Premium
Thanks for great advice Gina. I will definitely keep that in mind should I ever encounter a problem or have a question:)
MKearns Premium
The theme help desk is the best knowledge source available Gina!
markr0675 Premium
Hi Gina!
I'm getting ready to change my theme. Sort of an upgrade on layout. I sure hope I don't have any issues, but thanks for the heads up if I do. Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Friday!!!
GinaMor1 Premium
Thanks Mark have a great weekend it's Saturday morning here in Australia!
ToLiNoLi Premium
Off course it is the best way, as each theme is different in code and how should Kyle & Team know that. Thanks for sharing.