Week 1 review with my "Boss"

Last Update: June 27, 2014

The Boss - Good morning Gerry, It's now 1 week since you started this new venture and I wanted to sit down with you for a few moments to discuss your progress.

GT - Well firstly I have to say my excitement has actually increased over the week and as you know I was pretty excited when I first came across WA.

The Boss - That's great Gerry, I am glad you are still excited, can you expand on that for me.

GT - I realised straight away that here on this site there are all the tools, training and support that I could possibly require in order to create a successful on line marketing business.

The Boss - Brilliant, I am glad that you have recognised that, and you are obviously quite right, but tell me, honestly, do you fee that you have done everything you could possibly have done in the past week to make the best possible use of the opportunity you have discovered.

GT - I have to be quite honest and say NO - I haven't utilised my time to best advantage, I have spent some time exploring the WA site and learning my way round it but if I am completely honest I have to say that there have been times that I have wasted time which I could have been putting to better use.

The Boss - Well Gerry it's good that you have recognised that for yourself, now tell me - Why do you think that happened and how do you intend to ensure that this doesn't happen in week 2

GT -At times I have found it all a bit overwhelming so I have taken on board the suggestion made by John Maheu that I should set a goal but focus on achieving it one step at a time. So I have started to actually write down my goals and then subsequently broken these down into achievable steps. These steps will then form my daily action plan. The plan for the next day will be written every evening. I am also setting aside a one hour slot each day which will be dedicated to learning AND NOTHING ELSE. In other words I intend to make more effective use of my time. I will also be focusing on those small steps which are necessary to enable me to reach my destination


GT Thanks Boss - This week I will complete Get Started Here course 1 and progress to course 2 and I will do the same with Affiiate Bootcamp. I have now decided on a Domain name and will start to build my first website. With the help of WA and those who have been kind enough to follow me and to provide advice and encouragement I now feel Ii have a real sense of purpose and although I am new to internet marketing I no longer feel that I am alone or groping about in the dark

THE BOSS / GT Lets go for it and look forward to next weeks review when we can report some real progress.

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kellyrae82 Premium
Way to hold yourself accountable--by reporting to "the boss!" lol These are good goals, and I know you can accomplish them!
Grandadjimmy Premium
Thanks for following me Gerry, love your review with Boss blog, appeals to my sense of humour. Keep plugging away and success will follow.........Good luck.
TheCatherine Premium
Lovely angle Communication is everything
Serendipity7 Premium
Wow! Love it! Inspiring and a great way to write. Look forward to reading more! :)
JohnMaheu Premium
Wow! You know, as soon as I read the first sentence I giggled a little because I could feel your sense of humor and it locked me in right away. Then I saw my name and thought, "Hey that's awesome!"

I really like how you are honest with yourself about what you have done this week. Even though you feel like you wasted time, the truth is you HAVE taken steps forward and you are closer to your goals because of it.

I'm very happy you can see the potential you have here, now all it takes is you. I'm here anytime you need me. Just write to me and we can talk about how ideas and how to move forward. I'm talking with a few of others right now about stuff like that, you can join us :)
gerryturner1 Premium
Thanks John,
I really appreciate your comments and your kind offer to talk further. I shall certainly take you up on that in due course,and hopefully in the not too distant future.
PAWA12 Premium
Good luck Gerry