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September 18, 2016
The more you help other people to learnThe more you learn yourselfThe more you learn, the more you can earnSo, by helping other people to learnYou are helping yourself to earn.OK it's not going to win the Pulitzer prize for poetry but I'm sure you get the sentiment.
September 14, 2016
I guess I am not alone in that as a newcomer I sometimes have difficulties with certain parts of the training or in fulfilling tasks, both of which can lead to having doubts about whether or not I can succeed in this venture. I hit such a low spot recently and started to look at the websites of other community members in the hope that this would give me a lift and inspire me.Strangely, the exact opposite happened, I looked at some sites and thought WOW, brilliant, these people are so good at wh
The Boss - Good morning Gerry, It's now 1 week since you started this new venture and I wanted to sit down with you for a few moments to discuss your progress. GT - Well firstly I have to say my excitement has actually increased over the week and as you know I was pretty excited when I first came across WA. The Boss - That's great Gerry, I am glad you are still excited, can you expand on that for me. GT - I realised straight away that here on this site there are all the tools, train