Overcoming doubts

Last Update: September 14, 2016

I guess I am not alone in that as a newcomer I sometimes have difficulties with certain parts of the training or in fulfilling tasks, both of which can lead to having doubts about whether or not I can succeed in this venture. I hit such a low spot recently and started to look at the websites of other community members in the hope that this would give me a lift and inspire me.

Strangely, the exact opposite happened, I looked at some sites and thought WOW, brilliant, these people are so good at what they do. It made me feel that my own site was so poor and inadequate that I wanted to un-publish it. I was at such a low that I knew I had to do something positive to overcome my own self doubts.

There was no one else in the "office" that I could talk to, no one to bounce ideas off, so I knew I was going to have to sort this for myself.

Immediate response - grab the dog's leads and take them out for a walk in the countryside, find a quiet place which is one of my favourite places, and sit and think it through.

I found the answer by thinking back to my days in College (way back almost to the time of the last ice age!) and remembering how, as a first year student I was in absolute awe of the knowledge and skill levels of my tutors and thinking that I would never be as knowledgeable as them and then realising that I was there to learn, that I had a course of study programmed out for me, which, if I stuck to it as instructed and followed through to the end, I would be in the same position as them and would be able to go on and teach and (hopefully) inspire other students in the future.

I now regard WA as my current University, I am in the first week or 2 of my first term, I have a curriculum to follow and assignments to complete. I have now compiled a weekly timetable which is structured around lessons / lectures and has adequate slots built into for the completion of assignments. I am once again a student, but this time I am also my own personal tutor making sure I stay on track.

My message to any other newcomers who hit periods of self doubt or lack of confidence is simply this, work out a way which works for you. Think back to why you ever first started looking for a means of making an "alternative" income, focus on your goals and, if necessary step back for a short time and refresh yourself. Whatever difficulty you encounter, the answer is there in WA somewhere. Sometimes you won't get the answer the first time you ask a question, just re-phrase it and try again.

Good Luck and have a great day.

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Amelia7 Premium
If your why is strong enough the how will be easy. Just never give up. It all starts in the mind. What are you thinking?
Catwoman1459 Premium
This is so true, I have just gone through this myself. Keep reminding yourself of why you are here.
JudeP Premium
Asking yourself 'why' is super important :)