Instagram's changing algorithm - don't panic yet

Last Update: March 29, 2016

Instagram is currently testing and reviewing feedback on their change in how they display photos. They won't implement without announcing it but for us web-o-philes, it's important to plan ahead. So far, this is what it might look like for us. I'm sure more detailed updates will be released after I post this blog.

Now at first we're hearing how it will increase a user's experience and get them relevant information based on their social network relationships. It wants to show you images on what it THINKS you want to see based on your behavior patters - thank you Big Data. However, I think it will be clear that the reason is for monetization, just like Facebook did recently.

I took a look at Jasmine Star's blog on this topic and she suggested we use this as an opportunity. Do some homework and analyze exactly what your customers want. Personalize them to meet customer needs and really work hard to get that interaction with them (likes, shares, +1s)

Instagram is used for all kinds of brands- large and small. Affording a solid marketing campaign usually is reserved for the big shots. Will organic reach be limited? Will customer acquisition become too expensive for small business? We'll have wait and to see how this all shakes out and how it impacts small business content marketers.

I'd be interested in your opinion and what strategies we all might consider to plan ahead for Instagram's changes.

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MKearns Premium
I don't know much about Instagram. Some have told me it is a predecessor to Facebook and a lesser social media. It will be interesting to try it out.
Sheila50 Premium
Instagram is one social media I have not been able to cash in on yet.
Thanks for this information!
KatieMac Premium
Ever changing ways of social media and business methods thank you for alerting us to this newest change
AlexEvans Premium
Everything is evolving, these platforms are in business, although on a larger scale than us little marketers. The key is learning to adapt and recognizing that change is an inevitable part of the internet.
Even the crumbs off the table will be sufficient for a hearty meal.
Adapt to survive.
RaeAnnePond Premium
This is one reason I am no longer on Facebook. It's a shame but what can be done to stop it? Oh well... Thanks for the heads up.
geowanda Premium
Hi RaeAnne, It's kinda ironic. We're content marketers, but we're put out when these forums want to monetize. I guess it's fair since it's their business too. But dang!
RaeAnnePond Premium
I hear ya!