My Third Street Article: Pass on the Legacy

Last Update: December 15, 2013

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tinamarie Premium
Hi Left you a comment. Wonderful article. The impact of not respecting your elders will have great impact later. Tina
tommydillard Premium
georama Premium
ahen205 Premium
I liked the article! It is true in the American society. A lot of "curtsies" such as yes ma'am and no ma'am AND YES IR AND NO SIR are replaced with what and calling me by my first name--a child or teenager did this to me. I was NEVER ALLOWED to call any elder another name but yes ma'am or no sir. I was NEVER in a time out only to think briefly about what I did wrong and then it was something "extra" was coming my way besides thinking what I did wrong. If the elders saw "Johnny' do something wrong, they told his parents or "took" action themselves and then the parents would take even more action when he arrive at home. There wasn't a challenge of "How dare you say Johnny did that" because most of us saw Johnny do it--we were with him when he did it. The elders have earned the right to be respected! WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET THAT! THANKS FOR SHARING!
OldCodger Premium
Namaste, Vimal. Those were the days of old, which I well remember. What changes have happened over the past 50 years? One of the most significant one has been to "liberate" children, who are now allowed to "divorce" their parents. Everyone has rights, but they forget to add responsibilities, where the consequences of actions are ignored and respect is a forgotten concept. Not everywhere, not by everyone, but it's far too prevalent. Supposedly, being liberated is the main aim - shortly before getting confined.
:) george
kws123 Premium
Respecting elders is almost non existent in our modern society...shame.