First website created

Last Update: July 05, 2017

Just created my first website, now to put some content into it.

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Emeolu Premium
Very good.
AltheaKerr Premium
Great going Geoff!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Geoffrey, nice work on the creation of your first website. You are off and running and your website is going to be your foundation for you long term business!
Geoffhyld Premium
Hi Kyle,

When creating my website I want to divide it up into sections that I can put in a 'Page Index' so users don't have to scroll through the entire content just to access the topic they want to read. From the training I think that I do this by creating a page for the Section and within the page I create a post(s) with the content. Each post can then be commented on.

Is my understanding correct?

Skydancer1 Premium
Right On..

Keep it Rolling On. This is the fun part, the content, you get to put your stamp on your website