Motivation: What it means and why we need it!

Last Update: January 04, 2016

Self Motivation

Hi everyone I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and celebrated the New Year in style wherever you are in the world.

I have come to write this blog post for Newbies and experienced Internet Marketers on this particular subject because of problems I have had myself over the last 6 months or so. After reading a couple of blogs written by members over Xmas time I have decided to add my own experiences in the hope it helps people understand exactly what it all means and hopefully my means of conquering it will help too.

After the first couple of months at WA I started to find my work dropping off and I was constantly making excuses for myself for why I couldn’t do what I knew I needed to do.

This was worrying to say the least and it bothered me as I’ve worked in my own business and regularly work up to 16 hours a day even now but somehow couldn’t summon up the energy to get my website and posts done. It was terrible and I knew something was wrong.

It disturbed me so much I left WA thinking I’d made a mistake and that I was just getting too old to manage this undertaking.

About October time I started going back over why I’d really joined WA in the first place. To be honest I still believed in the same reasons and decided to come back to try again but I needed to know why I had given up and dropped out.

After much research and soul searching and taking my brain to where it didn’t want to go I had to admit that this business had taken me out of my comfort zone and I didn’t like it, even more so I hated the fact I had given in.

My Motivation was my problem and I didn’t know what it was nor understand its importance in our lives.

So, this blog below is why you should harness and develop the power of Motivation and if my experiences echo yours please read on while I give you my take on Motivation and how I am dealing with it now.

Motivation, what it is and why we need it!

We’ve all heard the word Motivation but what exactly is it and why is it essential for us as business owners to learn and develop these techniques!

When we first come to WA we have an idea and a sort of plan but we don’t know how to go about it nor really know a lot about websites and how we can make money on the internet.

All of a sudden our minds are full of this mountain of new information coming in and we are on a high, learning a whole new business, making friends and contacts whilst choosing the niche’s we would like to work in while developing brand new skills to enable us to be ahead of the game as things inevitably change.

To keep us in this game we need to keep the initial motivation going that actually got us started on this path in the first place. It sounds simple enough but if you’re married, got kids, another business to look after or another job you can easily get bogged down and lose your initial motivation of why you wanted to change or start your new life/work/business in the first place.

We all came here to learn or do something different with our lives, right!

So, let’s get started and take a look at just what exactly is Motivation.

Types of Motivation

Motivation reflects our desires of what we actually want from something and there are essentially two basic types of motivation these being Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation

This is the motivation that resides within all of us and can be enhanced further using various motivational techniques.

Requiring no external influences and focusing on not being so worried about rewards or praise for an act or work achieved, meaning that the setting of goals or fulfilment of certain needs plus the thrill and enjoyment of the actual project would be enough to want us to repeat it or do again.

Being intrinsically motivated means we get our rewards from the actual doing, like writing this blog I know I will do so again because I enjoy doing it and not because I am going to be financially rewarded or get an award or credit for it.

Developing this most natural motivation is a must for creating long term strategy and the success that will come with it.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic Motivation comes from external sources and is in which the person only does something for want of known financial reward at the end, trophies or to be recognised for the action whilst not being interested in the actual action itself.

An example of this would be to want someone to do something for you that you know they wouldn’t think of doing, such as rewarding the kids with money or something they would like, for washing the car at the weekend or doing chores around the house, this would be said to be extrinsically motivated.

The main negative with this type of motivation is that it is impermanent and does not last, relying solely on the outcome and not the event itself.

Enhancing our Motivation

All in all, it comes down to how much we are willing to get out of our comfort zone when the going gets tough.

We have all procrastinated haven’t we, it’s so easy to just do nothing, but how long can we go on like that before the work just becomes even harder to start never mind finish.

Well let’s look at this in a different way then. We should look at the positive consequences of why we should start and complete what we set out to do here at WA.

The changes to our lives, new business or businesses even, our own working time, creating wealth for our families for years to come!

The list is endless isn’t it! We all have our reasons for being here, let’s not forget them.

Success can only happen with hard work and a clear defined strategy coupled with pre set goals. We all know what we want, the thing is we need to plan for it and go for it.

Also appreciating, that essentially, we have to do the work first!

3 Simple techniques to get you started

1)You need to know what your ultimate ambition is and WRITE IT DOWN.

Now this could be a figure you would like to be earning in the future or maybe you would like to be known for building websites or you want to be honoured as Internet Entrepreneur of the Year.

Whatever it is make it something achievable don’t limit yourself too much on this main ambition as you can change it as you go.

Writing it down will reinforce your belief that it is achievable, place reminders all round you, at home, the office, the car everywhere you can, it really does help keep your enthusiasm going. Most of all READ IT and VISUALIZE what you want out of your hard work!!!

2)Working towards your main objective!

Create clear concise goals, don’t listen to other people they MUST be your goals, start small and write them down, put them in your wallet, purse and somewhere you have access to all the time. READ THEM when you say you’ll do that post, the page on your website or that training you are going to start.

Creating goals is pretty simple, as an example, let’s say, you’re lacking posts on your website, promise yourself you will write them. Start at one or two per week, start and complete them each week. Every post you complete, congratulate yourself on completing it and feel good about something you’ve created. If you’re finding the writing the hard part just keep practising, it is something again that must be learned its just part of the learning process and you will get better with experience.

If you change direction, goals are there to be changed, it just means you’ve found a better way, write them down, reaffirm your determination to complete them and go again. I’m sure the most successful of people in this business started off in a completely different way to what they’ve become famous for.

Most of all don’t compare YOU to other people or other peoples work

Internet Marketers who have been around longer have the edge on experience

and know how. Don’t be afraid of being the new kid on the block if you’re

unsure of something don’t be afraid to ask online here in the community there are many people who will help you.

3)Staying in Focus

Learning is fun and paying it forward

I said at the beginning of this post about all the information you have to take in when you start here at WA but it’s all necessary and of course it can be hard work when you have other distractions in your life.

This is where we have to really dig into the depths of our Motivational skills and start viewing the training and the work in a totally different light to enable us to move forward with our idea’s and aspirations, especially when we know that any chance of financial recompense of our WA subscriptions could be way in the future.

I’m sure there are many different ways to overcome this but this one is my favourite. Let’s make it FUN! Simple as that!

Learning as an adult is much more fun than the subjects we were literally force fed at school eh? Learn with a smile, forget about the financial aspect think about the many things that are going to change your life, the friends you are making not just in your own country but worldwide and the knowledge of a business that is going to stand you and your loved ones in good stead for the rest of your lives. Isn’t that worth learning!

Get involved in the community write some posts doesn’t matter what they are about though try and make them topical get writing because that is where it all starts, read as many different blogs as you can, write down your own ideas, research them.

Post your comments on others websites and where possible provide feedback for other member’s websites you will likely get the same in return. Don’t get despondent with criticism accept it in the faith it was given and look to improve your skills.

Most of all ENJOY IT


So there you have it, my take on Motivation and what it really means and how if we nurture and savour our hours of learning, giving back and paying forward we will be much the better for this experience and everything will come together for us as we live and learn this fantastic business opportunity we alone have decided to partake in.

I think it’s important that we should know and enhance our self motivational skills not just for ourselves but the benefits the folks who read our posts and articles on our websites will receive.

If we appear motivated and actually believe in what we are writing and the services and products we are putting in front of our readers then that should be our main aim and the rest (financial) will surely follow without us having to worry too much about when it’s going to happen.

I really mean live this experience as it will eventually take over our lives completely as the public and subscribers to our websites will demand more of our time as we progress, by then I’m sure we won’t care how much time we are spending writing posts as we will have plenty of time.

Keep on going guys and I’d like to wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous 2016


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Papi Premium
I agree George.
Same to you, a Happy Prosperous year as well.
I appreciate your story and up and downs in your time here.
Thanks :)
HeatherGrace Premium
Thank you for sharing this. I am a stay at home mom so time become my enemy. There are not enough hours in the day to get all that I want to done. I am glad you returned to WA and I hope you find much success!