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Self MotivationHi everyone I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and celebrated the New Year in style wherever you are in the world.I have come to write this blog post for Newbies and experienced Internet Marketers on this particular subject because of problems I have had myself over the last 6 months or so. After reading a couple of blogs written by members over Xmas time I have decided to add my own experiences in the hope it helps people understand exactly what it all means and hopefully my means
Hi everyone the title tells it all really. When i first started at WA ( a month ago) I was just overwhelmed by all the messages of support and encouragement I received that I just completely forgot about why I was here.....which was to learn how to build an internet business that was sustainable and long lasting and ever evolving.Before I knew it I was trying to understand what the Ambassadors and members who have been working this for years were blogging and giving advice to other members who w
Hi Everyone well I'm 3 weeks in now and just about to start lesson 6 on the Affiliate Bootcamp. It seems ages now since I started at WA but it just keeps on getting better.I've been looking at a few affiliate websites of course to get some idea's and there's only one message coming out of all of them and that is what is written its all true, and you can't get away from the fact can you! What organisation gives all this training and actually teaches you to be professional, own an international bu
June 16, 2015
Hi Guys,I really meant to blog something last week. It wasn't the above title though, I was going to talk about my first week with WA and how much I'd learned and the lovely people I had help from and just basically getting to know what it was all about and to say how gratefull I was for the new experience etc.However that all changed last week because of the way I work ( i'm a contractor) and of course I had to go work a job that took me away from my beloved new project.Being the person I am I