Hesitation, Is It a Positive or Negative Response?

Last Update: January 09, 2018

I felt like this is a topic worth discussing for all of those who are still in hesitation mode.

I know I spent far too long waiting for some sense of security when it when it came to making a commitment to another program. I was skeptical and tired of investing time and money in programs that offered little to no training with get rich promises that are both unlikely and unbelievable. I imainge many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate struggled with the same or similar issues.

I started with the free membership and went through the boot camp with a fury to get the most out of my membership. I realized all too quickly I was not prepared in my personal life for any of what it takes to run my own business. I really only stopped by in the beginning from time to time, reading and learning my way around the site. But I was getting prepared for what I knew would soon come next!

Then I received another email from Kyle and thought to myself, it is time to my plan to action!

I signed for the monthly membership and got started on my plan to change the things in my life that I do have the power to control. I had much to learn and wondered if I would get through it all.

Turns out you never stop learning, so get over that.

November I made the great business decision to commit to Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership. It saved money for my business and gave myself peace of mine. I found something that challenges me, every the path that I need to take gets clearer and more focused every day.

Now and then I feel I wasted so much time, but I realize what my parameters were back then and respect this Journey called "Life" and try to enjoy the ride, although sometimes I do need to hold on, it does get bumpy!

So you decide what works for your current situation and prepare for what you want to come next by setting goals, daily, weekly, monthly, or by the hour if that is what works best for you!

You're the only one who can make that decision!

"Click the link When You Are Ready"!


Success Is What We Make It!


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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Gloria.
gdarni Premium
Good morning Bigrog44,

Wishing you great success here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Tirolith Premium
"We all have to think before we jump. Always hesitate but think and look for a positive outcome." Tom Short.
gdarni Premium
Hello Tirolith,

Agreed, contemplation is paramount to making any choices, it is the duration that we must stay aware of.

Wishing you great success!

mikegsaiz Premium
Gloria, so many ups and downs in life and our journey here at WA. It's all about the positive attitude and moving forward continually and steadily. Best to you.

gdarni Premium
In numbers there is Strength !

Bye the.way, I Hate Rollercoasters...

Trust Is earned, not gifted

Gloria Darni
MarkBa Premium
I like your point about the learning never ending Gloria.

Once we embrace this we can as you say just get on with it and stop wanting for it to be different which does not move us forward in any way.

I don't think we ever waste time even though we may feel that way looking back. If we could have done things differently in the past then we would have.

The question is always about what we are doing right now and no matter what it is we can be sure it will provide more learning.

gdarni Premium
Hey, MarkBa...

This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate a great place to learn and grow.

Like-minded, determined individuals that take an interest in the growth of others, not only our own self-serving nature (which I am not saying is a bad thing).

Dare I say, friends?

Yes, I do!

So with that said, if friendship is all I ever got out of working online and with all of my WA community....

I say well done!

Success is what you choose!

Thanks, Mark.... always good

MKearns Premium
Glad to see you with a positive charge Gloria!
gdarni Premium
Thanks, Mike

Happy New Year, always glad to hear from you!
MKearns Premium
It's been a good day. Y'got me singin all night long ! https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/vanmorrison/gloria.html
gdarni Premium
LOL Mike one of the best! Love my Van Morrison!

Have a spectacular night!