The Value Of Active Membership

Last Update: January 21, 2018

Not all that long ago I managed to make it to the Top 100. How did I do this?

It certainly wasn't anything I was aiming for. It wasn't a goal or target of mine. It happened quite naturally and I suspect that by the end of this article some of my current frustrations and disappointments in myself will have been addressed :-)

The thing is this - to get to the Top 100, 200 or even the Top 50, all you have to be is active in the community. That's all there is to it - jump into WA daily, read posts and add comments if you have something to say ... even if all it is, is a courteous "thank you", and of course also help people where you can.

What Happened To That Rank?

I read recently about people questioning the ranking system and its validity or maybe credibility. Not sure of the exact words, but people were questioning the algorithms and of course ranks.

My internal dialogue as I read those, was wondering why people getting so hung up about their rank when their main order of business should have been to become "wealthy affiliates".

Make no mistake, it's a great feeling, and recognition, to be sitting in the Top 100 ranking. I loved being there but it had no bearing at all on my abilities as an internet/online marketer and certainly none on my level of achieved success when it came to the core order of business - making sales!!! If that were the criterion, then I wouldn't be in the top 1,000 let alone top 100.

When I was there, I posted something to explain why I was going to be a little conspicuous by my absence and why I had to gracefully bow out of the Top 100.

I mentioned that, due to various commitments at home, I was going to be less involved in the community and that I needed to spend less time posting comments etc. and more time on my sites.

Those commitments at home continue to exist, but let me go on.

To my point of the value of an ACTIVE membership i.e. our own level of activity within the community and not a paid-up member of WA.

The Posts That Were

I have seen numerous posts being posted about mentor groups starting up or on offer, the first being Bo's Go-Getter group (@botipton) which had a finite time to get in with.

There are also Dave's (@DaveSw) mentoring groups that he has initiated and in the throws of starting.

And finally, there was Kyle's own post to put together a "Super Affiliate Network" group which is due to kick off on the 22nd. That was posted on the 10th and we had a week to respond/apply to get in (just read the archive).

I have literally just read some posts about what to do if not selected for Kyle's mentoring group - I didn't even know there had been one had there not been a link to the archived post. More disappointment!

So What happened?

I worked through the Christmas/New Year period, so wasn't getting to read all the posts that were being fed through to my email. I just couldn't keep up with them all. Therefore...

I missed Bo's original New Year post when he was putting together the original Go-Getter Group.

I missed Kyles post - a missed opportunity for me ... AGAIN! Sure, there were no guarantees to have been selected, but having missed the post altogether, I wasn't even in it with a chance!

What am I saying?

If you want to get the most out of Wealthy Affiliate, rank aside, you need to remain an active member else opportunities pass you by.

You'll miss out on that post by another member (Ambassador or not) that could have answered that nagging question in your head.

You'll miss out on meeting that one person who you're able to help and lift their spirits (or they lift yours, just when you need it most).

Staying active will not only help your progress, keep you informed about what's going on and what's happening in WA but it will also help others along their path to success as well.

I'm not suggesting that you need to post blogs, articles, comments. Nor am I saying you need to help others along, although I'd encourage you to do so because that is the underlying foundation and what makes this such an amazing community. We're all here to help one another along and to share our learnings and insights.

Not at all. I am suggesting, however, that you keep active in WA.

In Conclusion...

I missed a few buses!

I missed Kyle's offer but I do sincerely wish those who manage to make the selection, every success in their group. I am confident that we'll all benefit from your progress.

I missed Bo's original offer but with a slight change in direction, a new Go-Getter group is kicking off on the 29th - I will DEFINITELY look out for that post and will TAKE ACTION as required.

I missed seeing Dave's original posts of the mentoring groups. No problem, they are just starting and are there, should I, or anyone else reading this, wish to join one that interests them and will help them along.

I acknowledge that, if it is to be, it is up to me, and yes, all that we need is here in WA. There is training, mentors, community, live classes, live chat, and more.

So these additional mentoring groups are not really necessary to achieve success here in WA.

I was just disappointed because what I felt I really needed, I seemed to have missed altogether. It's not like I saw it and just didn't respond in time. I just plain missed seeing them!

I guess it was also that I felt like I wasn't making full and proper use of my membership.

They say that there is never failure; only an opportunity to learn.

I haven't failed. I just learned the value of maintaining an active membership.

Be Brilliant! Be Happy! Keep Smiling!


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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Enjoyed your post Gary, thank you for the reminder, it is good to keep up on what is happening the platform is so dynamic, it is easy to miss opportunities.
gcd Premium
Thanks for dropping by Alex and for your kind words. It sure is easy to miss them.
bill808 Premium Plus
I'm a strong believer in mastermind groups. There is synergy in working together with others. How about our starting our own group? From what I read, the ideal group size is 3-5 with a max of 7 so there is a lot of room for more mastermind teams within WA
gcd Premium
Hi Bill, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your suggestion. That’s a great idea.

I’ve just jumped on the train so my service is going to go pretty soon. I’ll have to pick this up this evening when I get home.

Have a great day
MKearns Premium
You paid the money now max WA out Gary!
gcd Premium
Thanks Mike. You’re right. Silly not to!
Memorylaneuk Premium
I feel your frustration. It is hard to keep up to date with everything here at WA. I'm sure I have missed a lot of things too. However Groups or no groups, everything is here when we need it.
Wishing you every success.
With Grace and Gratitude
gcd Premium
Thanks for dropping by and reading Karen. Much appreciated!

It is difficult to keep up at times. There is such a lot going on. Anyway, as you say, everything that we need is here.

Thanks again!
Take care