Little Side Gig Launch

Last Update: June 23, 2019

OK WAFam, here we go.

I mentioned before that an author I did a few reviews for told me I should charge for it.

Well, I have added an order form to my Gig That site to do just that. I made it at jotforms, if you’re interested 😊.

I do content creation, reviews, editing & website assessment to look for ways to improve and optimize the site (using my WA Training!)

It is located under the Services I Offer menu on the site.

I have never been a good salesperson because I hate taking people’s money. This is why I have set up a coupon for all WAFam on form. When you enter your WA ID it should pop up.

I want to also take a moment to thank @Linda103, @bleumoon, @PattyMC, and @FKelso for their encouragement and support.

Take care,

Gwendolyn J

Giggin’ on

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EHozubin Premium
You go, off to a good start!
Linda103 Premium
Well done and good luck. The coupon is a great idea.
You can add your links including your website on your profile page. Bottom right under 'Follow Me'.
Wdcope Premium
That makes a lot of sense to add a coupon. always see many new suggestions and ideas here. Never fails to amaze me how our community works.
gbj35 Premium
Thank you :)
The discount is only for WAFam. If I start getting enough orders I may run a special for nonWA peeps.
DarrenNicola Premium
Well done :)
FKelso Premium
Good for you for getting it started. Hope you get lots of "customers."