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I got an email a few days ago from Commissin Junction. I want to share it here because I know that a lot of us are members of their affiliate program. Dear Valued Clients, As you’ve heard, as part of Epsilon, CJ Affiliate was recently acquired by Publicis Groupe and will be aligned within its media hub, Publicis Media. I am confident you will enjoy many benefits as part of Publicis Media. Within Publicis Media, our focus is to help clients navigate the modern media landscape. CJ’s s
July 17, 2019
I just had a rather interesting experience with one of my websites.I have it set up, so I get notified when anyone subscribes. Today I got 2 emails back to bac. Normally this would be delightful. Today, these emails did not quite sit right. As you can see, the domains of email addresses that subscribed are almost identical, and certainly not from any legit domain I am aware of. So, I went into the site and checked them out. You can find your subscribers in Users. You can sort the complete list
So on my WAH site, I give tips and advice on WAH gigs, while promoting WA. :lately I have been posting various jobs that don't work for me but might work for somebody on Facebook. The few days, I have been considering creating either a JOBS page or a newsletter to send to subscribers via email.I don't want to clutter anybody's inbox, but which do you think might be more effective.?FYI, I am already working on 2 sites, prepping a third and offering my services as a freelancer all around ImproveM
June 23, 2019
OK WAFam, here we go.I mentioned before that an author I did a few reviews for told me I should charge for it. Well, I have added an order form to my Gig That site to do just that. I made it at jotforms, if you’re interested 😊.I do content creation, reviews, editing & website assessment to look for ways to improve and optimize the site (using my WA Training!)It is located under the Services I Offer menu on the site. I have never been a good salesperson because I hate taking
June 19, 2019
I have mentioned the importance of keywords in my website in a few posts. Here, I want to explore them a little deeper and help any new people understand why they are important but should not be the sole focus of your content. In the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training, Kyle explores how finding keywords relevant to your chose niche can be used to build content. Keywords or keyword phrases are the terms entered into search engines. To be found by users, you have
I have completed the OEC training so I am now officially Certified! I took about 2 minutes for confetti and went over to finish Bootcamp.My newly-graduated son had his 18th birthday yesterday. He hung out with his oldest brother and some friends at Main Event, a local arcade/pool/laser tag facility. It's one of his favorite places & they have gluten-free grub so he doesn't leave hungry. I started a new site over the weekend, bought the domain yesterday and just now I saw the email that gets
June 07, 2019
I have been busy.I bought a second domain for my gaming site. I have not started working on it yet, but it is mine. I started back on my herbal education. I am very excited about this because holistic, natural healing is at the top of my My Lifetime Passions. On the back of this, I started working on my herbal site. (See cover image). I don't own the domain yet, but it is in my cart :).I'm starting a new job by end of June that will pay me every two weeks as opposed to every month like previous
June 01, 2019
Today has been a pivotal day in my life and my son’s. He is a high school senior, or I should say he was. He graduated on the 1st and is now planning his future. For me, I managed to get my first commission from WA. It was less than 20 bucks, but I was excited to have that email telling me I had been paid. I now have 2 referrals and it seems neither of them are doing much right now. I am keeping tabs on them, however, so we shall see what happens. I have gained a fan in an indie author I
I hope this is a sign of great things (including income) to come. Just a few days ago, I found myself on page 1 position 5 for my Chili's review. Today I am in position 1 with this articleI have 4 articles in progress and I am I looking forward to more of those Indexed emails. This month has been full of milestones!Getting better by the day. And, I have a new badge. Finished some more training. UPDATE:Today I checked Jaaxy and it left me speechless. I am on page 1 in position 1 with 3 differen
May 23, 2019
Just last week, I was aiming for sub 10k and got it. This week I log in to find my next goal of sub 5k is shattered. I am now ranked 2850. I don't know what I did to get a 4k jump (was at just over 6k) but I'll keep doing it. Next goal is 500. It has been an eventful month and some. Cannot wait to see what awaits. Giggin on