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Last Update: September 05, 2017

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anybody can see this post (I'm still new and testing things out). I'm thinking about doing a blog on options trading and giving out free advice. I have a small account that I personally trade with and I have been trading for almost 5 years now - that includes paper trading as well. I have bought 3 major programs and several online courses as well. If I create a blog though, how will I make money? does anybody make money with blogging? if so what do you recommend please? your response is really appreciated, thanks.

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garydlc Premium
Hey Paul
I think you should do what you suggesting here, in my opinion, one will never know until you have tried,

Yes one can make money blogging, there are thousands out there doing it as we speak, the secret is learning, how to, you are in the right place to learn here at WA.

All the best
@RICH. Premium
The word blogging nowadays doesn't mean a diary or a journal, it just means providing content in some form-or-another.

Your 'blog' could actually be reviews of the products, especially if they have affiliate programs. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of books and training courses that do which you could review and promote!
gaxiolapaul Premium
thanks Rich