Last Update: April 10, 2017

I can understand that when we first come into WA we are excited about one day being our own boss, an affiliate marketer.

That same excitement flows into our Goals but, if you write down a Goal try to make it realistic. So many times I have read the money Goals we are asked to write down, and to be honest, there are some that do not make one bit of sense.

Goals are very important to our success in this business but, at the same time we can make them fun and not unachievable to the point that it may seem as a burden just to try and make it all work.

Try not to self yourself up for failure or impress anyone with HUGE Goals, keep it simple and make your DREAMS A REALITY.

Garland ;)

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spurway Premium Plus
so true, do a bundling of goals the more you achieve and be able to cross out, the better you feel and get motivated.
Louise2812 Premium
Great words Garland :)

I wrote down some money goals at the very start which I still hope to achieve - but to be honest at the moment I'm enjoying creating my website so much and gaining more followers that the money side of it has paled into insignificance....

The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing and do it with passion. Otherwise there is no point.

Thanks :)