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April 25, 2017
Here's a short list of Mythical Creatures with a brief definition1. Basilisk: a serpent said to kill by breathing on or looking at its victims2. Centaur: half human, half horse3. Cerberus: a dog with many heads that guards the entrance of the underworld4. Chimera: part serpent, lion, and goat5. Faun: half goat, half man6. Gorgons: winged and snake - haired sisters7. Griffin: half eagle, half lion8. Harpy: a creature with the head of a woman and the body, wings, and claws of a bird9. Hippocampu
April 10, 2017
I can understand that when we first come into WA we are excited about one day being our own boss, an affiliate marketer.That same excitement flows into our Goals but, if you write down a Goal try to make it realistic. So many times I have read the money Goals we are asked to write down, and to be honest, there are some that do not make one bit of sense.Goals are very important to our success in this business but, at the same time we can make them fun and not unachievable to the point that it ma
April 08, 2017
Well, this morning was Beautiful til I read the news, listened to the radio and was bombarded with so much negativity that it started to zero in on how I felt, my joyful morning went to cr**. I took off to my quiet place (which is my garage) to regroup and just chill out, and you know what? It's going to be a Beautiful Day!!Garland
March 24, 2017
This post is just to simply say Thank You to everyone who has taken time out to answer on things I have commented on. It is great to know that we have a community that isn't based on dog eat dog.Nothing big on this post, just that it was one thing on my list of things to be Greatful for today. Garland
March 20, 2017
There comes a time in each of our lives that we have to make that one decision that will make us or break us. Today was that day for me as I made that decision to leave my job and go full time self employed.I made that decision with a clear mind knowing that there is more to life than just killing yourself to make ends meet. coming to WA has given me that initiative to do it on my own and have more quality time, not so much for myself but, for my freedom of punching a time clock.Come what may I
March 14, 2017
The other day I bought a bundle of Camel cigarette signs to hang up in the garage, and a tote with collectable odds and ends. As I was going thru the tote I came across an old bumper sticker that said "Dreams Happen", thinking nothing of it at the time I put it on the refrigerator door in the garage. Two days went by and I was in the garage working on our Model T Sedan, Taking a break I got a cold beer out of the frig and that bumper sticker caught my eye in which made me think, Dreams Do Happe
March 07, 2017
First of all this is my very first post so please excuse any errors on my part. any comments, ideas, and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated to help me with my learning experience here at WA. I have enjoyed the time spent here at WA but, mostly time being spent with my wife. I say Back to the Rat Race because I go back to work this week, having been off 2 months from shoulder reconstruction which in turn led me to WA. Anyway my time will be cut short doing the lessons due to