15 Mythical Creatures

Last Update: April 25, 2017

Here's a short list of Mythical Creatures with a brief definition

1. Basilisk: a serpent said to kill by breathing on or looking at its victims

2. Centaur: half human, half horse

3. Cerberus: a dog with many heads that guards the entrance of the underworld

4. Chimera: part serpent, lion, and goat

5. Faun: half goat, half man

6. Gorgons: winged and snake - haired sisters

7. Griffin: half eagle, half lion

8. Harpy: a creature with the head of a woman and the body, wings, and claws of a bird

9. Hippocampus: a creature with the tail of a dolphin and the head and forequarters of a horse

10. Hippogriff: a creature with the wings, head, and claws of a griffin but the hindquarters of a horse

11. Pegasus: a winged horse that can fly

12. Siren: half bird, half woman

13. Unicorn: horse with a horn

14. Wyvern: a winged dragon with a serpent tail

15. Humans: destructive creatures that are destroying Mother Earth !!!

Well what can I say, I had to break up the monotheism a little ;)


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MKearns Premium
Maybe we can adapt underwater and be saved by the missing mermaids Garland!
garland1 Premium
Or better yet the missing mermen!!
loriC1 Premium
I agree with #15, humans do tend to destroy the beauty that surrounds them. Forests, wildlife, and the very air that we breathe.
garland1 Premium
Thank you for the reply, just wish more people would realize this and stop taking what we have for granted.