Sneaking off the bed affiliating

Last Update: Aug 1, 2015


You know what I'm talking about. Sneaking off the bed at 2.00 am in the morning without a good excuse will surely land you up in hot water.

Lucky for me, I've got a good alibi. The wealthy affiliates community is my alibi and and I certainly will be identified as being logged on to WA at 2.00 am.

So, here it is the cheating game is on and the only crime I've committed is trying to build an online presence.

This is the real

Hope to get sexy Jaaxy on my side pretty soon as things are getting better. I'm in it to win it and the only thing that could stop me is my fear to invest.

Being a part of the affiliate team here at WA has really enhanced my marketing endeavors.

Loving it here

Caught sneaking off the bed does not have to mean sleeping on the couch or the doggy house, just to log on to wealthy affiliates and she'll see where I was at w2.00 am in the morn.

Cheers to the community because I know you have the evidence that tells every time I'm here at the greatest community in the world.

Good reason for sneaking off the bed. WA

Have a blessed one everyone

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Hi Buddy, you are not alone. Ride on to the success.

Much success to you also. Cheers

From 11:00 pm to 3:00 am - My favorite time to work on my blog! No distractions!!!

My sentiments exactly. Enjoy

Hey there, wishing all a wealthy one

Can so identify with this! Seems it's a really good time of the day to get some productive time in working away!


Lol! I agree 100% WA certainly is a good reason to sneak out of bed at 2 am....or in my case stay up REALLY late...more often than I'd like to admit, the sun is just starting to come up by the time I realize it and get to bed,.. so I'm sneaking off to bed feeling like Dracula...oh, the sun is coming up already!

Best wishes :) -Sherry

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice weekend

Hi Glen, I have a ready made good excuse. Peter snores - on his sides, on his back, upside down, downside up and on his stomach. He was tested this year and told his decibel levels was that of a noisy lawnmower. So I am often up during snore periods and on the net!

Cheers Helen, I sneak off the bed everytime and I say to my wife, I'm at work even though she knows I've been retired for some time

Awesome. :)


HAHAHA BUSTED!!!! I just stay up wayyyy later than I should - it's kinda the same thing. But I agree - it's for a very good reason.


Yep, we can vouch for you -- and you always have something informative and clever to say! Keep 'em comin'!!!

Thank you, I'll be in touch

Thanks, Glenn!...I hope so!.....And "affiliating" with Wealthy Affiliates is so much better than some other non-productive and actually destructive "affiliating"!!!! =) Point well taken LOL!


Great Post!

Thanks Garry

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