Are you addicted to Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: December 03, 2017

I've been a member of WA for coming up for 5 weeks and I can foresee some problems ahead regarding my growing addiction.

I thought I would share with you all some light-hearted warning signs so that you can avoid them in future. After all it is Sunday!


  1. You have resorted to drinking coffee from a wine glass because every cup you own has been used and is now stacked up in the sink waiting to be washed up.
  2. You are still in your pyjamas at 4pm in the afternoon despite the clocks going back over 12 hours.
  3. You don't have any clean clothes to wear anyway because everything you own is similarly stacked in a pile the size of mount Etna, by the washing machine.
  4. You continually have at least 10 sites open in your browser including WA; AdSense; Amazon Associates; Google analytics for every site you own (real time); Activity Dashboard; Clickbank; Twitter; Google+; Stats, stats and more stats, Pinterest and Facebook - just in case one of them changes!
  5. Your children now have to make their own meals and you have convinced them that it is in their own interests to learn to cook, even though they are under 10.
  6. Your answerphone message is full of unheard messages and has been for 2 weeks.
  7. You are using your unopened post as a side table in the hall.
  8. You have an up-to-date list of everyone who has clicked on any blog you have ever written, liked a post or followed you online - down to the last second.
  9. You have learned to survive on cold coffee, a packet of custard creams and only 2 trips to the bathroom a day.
  10. Your cat has moved in with your neighbour after leaving you six mice and a pigeon (how they got that through the cat flap is anyone's guess) as a clue that they were hungry.
  11. You have written 3 notes to your children's teachers saying they can't do their internet research homework on a computer at home because you no longer own a computer they can work on!
  12. Your only communicate with your partner using an '@' prefix!

I love Wealthy Affiliate and all it represents for my future - but I have decided to curb my addiction today and go out with my girls. After all, the washing up, clothes washing, cat, dinner, post and homework can wait......can't it?

Have a brilliant Sunday everyone. Enjoy it.

Love and light to all


PS....and if you could just leave me a comment, I will get back to you right after I get back ......won't be long.....promise.....

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Franca1 Premium
Great post. Thanks for sharing.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks. Just a bit of fun really - with a hint of realism thrown in!
bosco50050 Premium
Passionate pursuits most of the time comes with personal and professional sacrifices. Successful people have always been passionate.Passion propels us. Passion channeled can be a great force. It is good that you take "time out" with your girls to get the balance required.
Having said that, from where I sit it looks you are on a roll and want to keep going for happy fulfilling days could be down the road.
best wishes..Gail
GailLowe Premium
Ah thank you. Really hope so...... and for you too.
LorrieP Premium
It’s easy to become addicted to WA because there is so much positive energy and great information, but in order to maintain sanity and grow your business properly you have to plan and schedule.

I schedule times to post and interact on WA otherwise i’d Get nothing else.

Enjoy your family time. WA will be here when you get back.
GailLowe Premium
Yep - surely
JamezMonroe Premium
None of the mentioned above is my case.
GailLowe Premium
Aha - a case of deliberate denial I think! :)
JamezMonroe Premium
I'm only twice a week on here.
phakacha8 Premium
An exact revelation. Thanks for sharing.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks for reading!