Arnold Schwarzenegger - "I am not afraid of failing, I can only fall 6 feet"

Last Update: August 24, 2018

I have just completed WA Bootcamp, phase 2 lesson 5 and I feel super excited about everything here at WA. When you are in a "training phase" or building a foundation in your life, you are sometimes concerned about the outcome. For me, a trainee here at WA, it feels like being at university all over again. You are following the process, unsure about where this may lead, not knowing exactly how this will unfold. You have dreams, hopes and aspirations, expecting mind-blowing results with good reason. We are here because we kind-off now that the digital economy is massive and we all want a slice of that cake. So many people here at WA achieve success and those achieving success are willing to help. This is definitely an opportunity that I do not want to cast away.


Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved many things in his life, just to name one: he was Mr Olympia by the age of twenty, a title he won 7 times. He has many strong qualities and I would like to point out a few that may be very helpful to us pursuing a dream or achievement of some sort.

This man is a master at visualization. From a very young age he was visualizing becoming Mr Olympia. He had no doubt in his mind that this is something he will attain. I am sitting here only imagining what went through his mind when he posed those famous poses in front of the mirror visualizing becoming Thee Mr. Olympia.

I am visualizing becoming a master at the craft of what we are being taught here at WA. I am visualizing how the opportunities will unfold from what I learn here at WA and apply in my business. In short I am visualizing my own unique success.

Getting more than what you bargained for

Arnold said that when he got a small taste of success at the age of 20, he then realised that anything that you want to achieve is possible. He decided to apply the exact same principles that brought him the Mr. Olympia title to each and every aspect he was pursuing. And this man achieved results, he became Mr Universe, he became the highest paid Actor, later Governor, Writer. The list of his accomplishments are endless.

This is telling me that you will most likely overshoot your visualization and may actually achieve better results that what you initially expected and thought you could accomplish.

Being mentored

Arnold said Roy "Reg" Park had a BIG influence on his life and later success as bodybuilder. Arnold said that having an idol or mentor was a key that kept him motivated and inspired through the "dark times. In the later stages of his life he was greatly influenced by leaders like Nelson Mandela.

There are plenty of mentors here at WA from all over the world. It is so easy and simple to connect with like-minded approachable, fantastic people.

Follow the recipe

Arnold followed the exact same recipe that brought him results. He adapted his processes to fit into the new endeavor, but it was always the same:

  • Following a routine that works
  • Work hard
  • Visualize
  • Listen to your idol or mentor
  • Never, ever give up.

Final thoughts

When Arnold shared the sentence that kept him going "I am not afraid at failing, I can only fall 6 feet" it really hit me. This master achiever was human and he also had doubts. He shared something that will keep me moving forward with confidence. No more doubts, visualization and knowing: I can only fall 5,83 feet.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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firstlearn Premium
Thanks for an informative post Munro.

JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Louis, Welcome. I have just left a message for you on your About me page.
I loved your post and you really put it across very well. We all have doubts and sometimes feel we aren't achieving quite the success in the time we thought but my motto is "keep on keeping on".
Write as many posts as you can. It becomes a way of life.
Wishing you all the very best.
Kind regards,
FunAcountant Premium
Hi Jill you are so right, love your motto, and how far did it bring you. When I started surfing as a kid I was afraid of small waves, now the BIGGER the BETTER and sometimes when I lay in the ocean, hearing the roar of a big upcoming set, excited for the wave that is coming, I can't help to appreciate how far I have come.
FunAcountant Premium
Hi Vicki, I just found inspiration from a person under the top100 enjoying the blog, thank you so much.
Vickic3 Premium
It was so great. I am a success coach and for me, this is so good for everyone here in WA- Well done you!!!
All the very best Louis
Vickic3 Premium
This is such an inspirational post-Munro- I hope every member of WA reads this as it is so true, I live by this and it works. If we do not have goals to achieve, what do we have?
This is so great and thank you again for sharing this
Success to you in all you do
BrianCheng Premium
Hey Munro, the cake is becoming bigger, build your foundation to get ready for a huge slice! Brian
FunAcountant Premium
For sure and may it be more than double layered.