do something outside of your comfort zone

Last Update: February 05, 2015

Ok so tonight I am going to be retraining in Karate. I first took an interest in Martial Arts from watching films of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme when I was younger. I have studied different martial arts but have always had a fascination with Shotokan Style Karate and since leaving training 3 years ago I have been eager to return to the dojo and once again expand my knowledge as a karateka. Well tonight I am doing just that. Stepping once again into the Dojo but this time i'm not leaving until I have a Black Belt around my waist.

"Remember Life Starts at the end of your comfort zone!"

Have a great day everyone!! :)

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kiliwia62 Premium
That's great, keep going and never look back.
MarineMom Premium
Thank you for a great blog. You are an excellent writer.
Rochelle1 Premium
Well said! Everything starts with the commitment to yourself!