Measurable Steps vs Immeasurable Lessons

Last Update: March 17, 2019

WA is a very well-structured and measured out in a way to teach us the methods and tactics of online marketing and successful blogging and promoting. What is hidden beneath the surface is the lessons that can only be learned in the everyday practical hands on.

There are leaps and bounds that we make once we figure out the nuances and intricacies of how to juggle our existing schedule and job with the online business we are building within WA.

I am still recovering and trying to get back on track. I am learning that there are lessons that we only learn from hands on and from running into issues and figuring out ways to get around the obstacles we encounter.

Some people seem born to this while others seemingly have to try harder to accomplish the same tasks. But, here at WA we are all on the same team and we are in the best place for success.

Never give up, never back down. Also, don't get in over your head and let it become overwhelming. Keep up the good work and thank you all so much for the support and outpouring of encouragement.

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)

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Dkirk1 Premium
Thank everyone for your consistent support and encouragement. I've learned a lot but realize I'm just starting out. This may take some time to even learn the basics. But it already has been a lot of fun. I always like a good challenge and this is what I'm getting. I will prevail because i will stay persistent and learn in time. This is a great opportunity and i am looking forward yo the future.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Glad to hear that you're recovering---even if it's not as fast as you would like. You're right, there is a lot to be learned from hands-on work, bumping into obstacles and figuring out solutions.
It's great to hear from you guys!

JSeale Premium
I agree wholeheartedly with you on that! I am so glad to be here at WA. I know nothing and they help you every step of the way. I would never have gotten this far if it were not for WA and all of you good people that are so will I,g to help. Thank you for the blog and may we all become great successes and put a great big feather in the cap of WA!!!😉
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Frank and Tina,
I think of you both often, and send you both virtual ((((HUGS)))).
Wishing I could do more, other than pray for a speedy recovery, but alas, that's all I can do for now!
free4life Premium
Thanks so much Shaunna. Getting better all the time. ♥️
franknagler Premium
Wishing you a pleasant Sunday and happy St. Paddy's day too! May the luck of the Irish be with you ☘