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Last Update: December 14, 2020

COVID-19 And Christmas

Just dropping by to say hello to all of you wonderful people at Wealthy Affiliate and to those who might read this blog post! I want to give you all some updates about what’s going on in my part of the world at my end here in Norway for the time being. We are currently in middle of December and the Christmas is around the corner. Yes, Its going to be a different Christmas celebration this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are not currently on mandatory lock down, but we need to keep 2 meters distance and are recommended to be at home as much as possible. People who have the opportunity need to work from home and we are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible.

The last message from the government, as far as I know, is that we are allowed to gather 10 people at home as long as we keep the distance to each other. To be honest, my opinion is that is too much. I think we don’t take this seriously enough.

Maybe other members here in the community from Norway like HildeRegine can confirm the latest recommendations?

As soon as I enter a shopping mall or a grocery store, I wear a face mask. Maybe I see one or two other people use it. The rest? They give me a strange look. Like I´m sick, or something. I don’t care. Its about my safety as well as those people around me.
In my life, the whole situation hasn’t much impact of my life to be honest. Besides, I don’t spend any time in the gym. That has the most impact for me. The use of painkillers has skyrocketed because I can’t manage the pain in an efficient way. Otherwise, I have set my service as a janitor at halt.

Me and my fiancée are ready for Christmas. The Christmas dinner is in the fridge and my better half has been living in the kitchen the past few days baking donuts, chocolate cake and rolls. Me? I had the important task to quality control the end results, he he. The apartment is ready, the only thing left is the Christmas tree. We are going to set it up the 23. December.

Lack Of Motivation

I have a confession to make. It has been a long time I have been working online to be honest. Sometime you just get lost. You lack motivation. Simply, just need a brake. for me that has involved no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no blogging no nothing. One major reason for this is my daily struggle with my back. When you have days with chronic pain you don’t want to do nothing. You don’t want to be social. You just have enough to exist.

Do You Really Want To Read It?

Sure, blogging is a great method to get your thoughts and feelings down, but you need a place where you can do so. I am playing around thinking about making a pure website just for this. I don’t know what value that can bring to the table, I just thinking out loud what you guys and gals think about it? Or is it OK to write posts like this here? Let me know your thoughts about it. Maybe there are several members who find posts like this interesting, inspiring and even helpful?

Boys And Their Toys

It’s not just lack of motivation that is the reason I haven't focusing enough on my work. But lack of proper tools. I have been using a surface pro. I bought it back in 2016. Lately it has acting strange. My pictures only came up as a symbol and I could not know what picture it was. I had to describe it by name and what it was picture of to know. I had to charge it after an hour or so, and the speed was slowing significantly down. I had it. I couldn’t do much with circumstances like that.

The solution? New laptop! I bought my self a new MacBook Pro With the new m1 chip. The basic version with 8 GB ram and 256 GB storage. This is my first blog with my new laptop, and its a breeze to write on and I love it! Sure, it takes some time to get used to the controls, the commands and the operating system. I have never owned a Mac in my whole life. I have officially converted from windows. Is it a bad thing, or a good thing? I don’t know, but for now, I love it, the quality and how it works.

Does 2021 Bring More opportunities?

I was surfing the web for more opportunities and other things to do. I found an agency working with different fundraiser organizations and they are in need for more phone operators. I applied for the job. The good thing is that I can work directly from my home in my own hours. But my biggest challenge is that I don’t have a dedicated office space. And I’m not sure if my internet cable is sufficient for the software they use. I need to take the calls directly from the computer. But we just have to see what is going to happen. Its not a guarantee that I can get the job, or even if I’m capable to do it. But financially and thinking about my circumstances, it would be perfect. The pay is $1.55 for each call. 10 calls an hour is about right? That would be a good source of income with a work from home opportunity.

That's It. This is the main headlines of what’s going on in my life right now. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do you want more content like this? Let me know!

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YvonneBray Premium
Yeah MacBook Pro, well done. It's great news.
Fredeim88 Premium
I’m happy with it thus far! 😊 It’s very different from a windows computer, but it’s all about getting used to it 😊
JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like you are doing very well, Fred!

Fredeim88 Premium
Appreciate it Jeff!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're welcome, Fred!

Reddog10 Premium
Hello. I have a second cousin that lives in Norway. Dramen! I have visited a few times and went skiing in 2016. I am feeling overwhelmed with all the work I have to do and I think I too need to take a break. I get frustrated that I cannot seem to get ahead. A website for chronic back pain would be a great idea. I suffer from severe restless leg syndome. If I could come up with a solution for this dreadful condition I would be a millionaire!! I am hard on myself but I just feel I am on a treadmill and not gaining traction. Anyway what I am trying to say is you are not alone! We have to step back and take a breath! Keep up the work. Sam
Fredeim88 Premium
Drammen is only 40 minutes from the Capital city, Oslo. Haven’t been in Drammen myself, but I have been in Oslo. I was working one weekend during a security course there as a bouncer and I was working front stage security guard for Rolling Stones.

That was my prime time. And the years between 2005 and 2007 was my most successful and exciting part of my life.

I think it’s important to take a break from time to time and then get back stronger. It’s important to know that the seeds we plant today we can reap years to come.

I don’t think I want to make a dedicated website for back pain. I try to not focus too much about that.

Sure, the idea is good, but the fact is I don’t know enough about it. It’s funny, when you think about it, but I literally has avoided to learn about back pain and my condition.

All I know about it is that some of the protection liars between the discs is worn down and the discs is compressed together and the nerves is squeezed. It’s the best explanation that I can give at my knowledge.

The second thing that I know is that what has worked for me for my pain management is heavy deadlifting and heavy squats.

Despite of the doctors orders to not have more weights on my back than 5 kg. That’s the so called experts advices. If I walking, or doing physical therapy, things would be worse. I tried to do that as well.

Disclaimer: Don’t follow my path unless you consult any physician or know your body. I can’t be hold responsible for if you follow my path!

I just don’t want my life to be about my condition, what I can and cannot do. And if I had made a website about that, it would getting too much attention. Make sense?

I could make a website about weightlifting and healthy food however. I have thought about that. But the website I currently are working on is about making money.

I can’t see the income potential with a website dedicated to weightlifting. Then I needed a lot of visitors buying food supplement. And I had to make paid instructional videos. But instructions and workouts are plenty online for free. But I barely make some money on what I currently doing either way...

My fiancée has restless legs sometimes, but luckily she only get it from time to time and she only has it for 15 minutes or so. So I can understand people who struggle with this over time and are hitting hard with that struggles!

I know what you mean. You work your butt of and have nothing to show for in terms of traffic and income. But I try to convince myself it’s only temporary. And those who are successful online are very consistent over years. Its not for everyone, that’s for sure. I have thought about quitting many times. But I’m still around. And if I do quit, the situation would not change.

At least I have the possibility to make it if I continue....

And so could you!