Reboot my WA training and start over?

Last Update: November 23, 2017

Here's an update on what I am doing:

My original site idea was a travel blog for adventuring in a van that I purchased and turned into a camper van. There are lots of things to buy and review, so I thought it would be a cool idea. I had lots of pictures and stories from my last trip. I got discouraged when the van kept breaking down. I invested many thousands of dollars into this thing. Very disheartening, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Don't buy a vehicle on eBay unless you are an expert mechanic.

I wrote some content, but I only wrote one review, even though there are many I could write. I have lost my passion for it.

I recently moved on to a boat. That project has a lot of things to buy and review as well. I am trying to decide if I should create another site for that, or just use one site to do both. I hate the idea of having a lot of little sites that struggle to get any traffic. I believe there is crossover in people interested in both #vanlife and #boatlife. There are a lot of similarities in the gear and systems.

But what I believe I need to do, is just regard my #boatlife and #vanlife stuff as just fun things to blog about, and start over with the training at WA. I believe I should choose another niche, and start over with the training. I thought I knew what I was doing, and I didn't follow the training very well since a travel blog is a bit different than the classic niche site they teach here.

In the meantime, I have been doing some freelance writing. I have learned a lot by writing for other people. You learn to write in different voices, include calls to action, and their writing instructions usually contain lots of excellent advice and resources. While it is cool to get paid for my writing, it is a pittance.

Fellow Wealthy Affiliate members, what should I do? Reboot, and start over with the training on a new site? Or keep plugging at a site that has some potential? I would like to hear your advice. I am not ready to quit. I know this stuff works. After all, why would people be hiring me to write for their own websites if it doesn't work?

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wendyg53 Premium
I think your niche is fascinating. I just checked Jaaxy and the keyword phrase "how to live of off of the grid" has excellent search results. Over 700 visitors a month and a QSR of 5. I'm sure there are plenty of keyword phrases within your area of expertise.

I would start the training over, with your niche in mind. Then build out an authority site based on keywords. I think it would do very well and sell a lot of products. I think it's always better to write about something you like, and then find a way to monetize it.

I was having the same issues with a casual shoe blog, I'm obsessed with walking shoes that relieve foot pain. Something I've struggled with for years.

I'm revisiting the training and building my pages and posts based on search demand.

I think you should stick with what you know. It's a lucrative niche if done properly. Good luck!
Foobard Premium Plus
Thanks! I think I might just be trying to find excuses. It is a good niche. I don’t think I will spit them up, since a lot of the same items can be used on RVs/vans and boats. Like I have the exact same battery charger for both the van and the boat. Solar would be the same. Most of the systems are the same or similar.

RE: the walking shoes that relieve foot pain, I have gone through many shoes and inserts, and even custom orthotics (made incorrectly). I have flat feet and the only thing that eventually helped me was Altra shoes. They are zero drop, meaning the sole thickness is the same in the forefoot as it is in the heel. They mostly make running shoes, but I don’t see why you can’t wear running shoes when walking.
wendyg53 Premium
Whatever shoe works is fine. I didn't know Altra was zero drop. That's a good thing to know. I think it's different for guys, women are more fussy about how they look, and get tired of wearing athletic shoes. I tried custom orthotics too, they didn't work. I think custom orthotics are a way to make more money.

My site is geared toward women, with some recommendations for men. I better get busy.

If you find more shoes that are suitable for flat feet - let me know.
Foobard Premium Plus
True. It is hard enough to find a shoe that doesn’t hurt. Add in stylish? Overwhelming! Lems ( makes some fairly attractive shoes and boots for men and women, but their women’s shoes look almost the same as the men’s. They are also zero drop, but they are also minimal cushion and barefoot style so you feel the ground. Not for everyone. I wear them when I have to go somewhere formal-ish. I prefer more cusion for everyday wear. Altra does have some casual shoes, but again, they look just like the men’s shoes. And it is pretty obvious that you are wearing a running shoe sole with a casual upper.
Foobard Premium Plus
Thanks for the encouragement!
MKearns Premium
Start fresh. Your avatar picture indicates you are ready to hit the heights
kmer6 Premium
Steve, there is nothing wrong with doing a WA reboot, that is, start the training lessons over from # 1. It will help your sense of confidence in what you do as an online marketer. It will build a stronger work ethic in doing what is right whether you enjoy the tasks or not. Third, you will begin to get those "a'ha" moments from the little things you missed or forgot the first time you learned them.
As far as having a couple of sites about adventures you could combine the two into one. Make it a site about Life's adventure, part of it focusing on living in a camper traveling around the country, and the other doing the same but doing it on a boat.

Before coming to WA I already had two websites. The next one I started was here at WA by doing the training. The next site I published, again, I approached the site by stating the lessons over again. This regiment helps me build a step by step approach that I can do with my eyes closed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.