Hit 200 for the first time - my tips on how to boost rank at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 27, 2017

I just got the message that I am in the top 200, and I got a fancy badge now. It's kind of cool, but what I really crave is success with my websites.

I try not to spend a lot of time obsessing about rank here at Wealthy Affiliate. it is easy to do when you start. Then you realize that some of the most knowledgeable people don't have great rank because they are busy working on their business, and others with very high rank are not successful.

I've spent a lot of time in the 300's, but I was away from WA for a couple months, and when I returned, my rank was at 50,000! It doesn't take long to fall so far!

I resolved to re-dedicate myself to the training here at WA and the website I keep getting discouraged about.

It's pretty easy to increase your rank here. I spend maybe an hour or two most days answering questions. I am following a bunch of threads, many questions just arrive in my feed. When I don't have any to answer, I look in the Activity Dashboard, and set the filters for Unanswered and Everyone.

I look through those for questions I can answer. I prefer ones that are thoughtfully asked, with plenty of background information. Ones that are extremely vague might not seem worth answering at first. If they care so little to ask such a vague general question, they probably won't bother replying to requests for follow up information so their question can actually be answered. I often try anyway, not so much to help them, but to help others with the same problem.

If you click on the blue Rank icon next to your profile icon at top right corner of your WA screen, you can see helpful information about how your rank is generated. Like my Helper rank is really good, my Activity rank is decent, but my Creator rank is kind of dismal. If I want to boost my overall rank more, I should write more blogs (like this one!) ask some questions and now that I have been here more than 3 months, create some training.

OK, enough wasting time here, back to writing website content and building my business!



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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you for this article, Steve.
I broke into the Top 500 today and wanted to get some tips on how to improve my Activity Rank.

Very helpful.

Kerjackie Premium
Hi Foobard, I am sure with the blogs you are going to write your creator rank will be up.
Good luck.
Foobard Premium Plus
Keeping it below 200 is a lot of work (at least as a helper). Much easier to shoot for 300. Or I could do as you suggest, and has this blog suggests, and write more blogs to increase my creator score so I don't have to work so hard at helping.
hmm. Thanks!
LouisaB Premium
Very digestible. Thank you for brining it home!
SurfsideBob Premium
Awesome Steve, great breakdown and encouragement. I especially liked the way you broke down the ranking system into an understandable/dissectible fashion. Peace my friend! :-)
MKearns Premium
Great to break those heights indeed!