Be like a baby!

Last Update: February 04, 2016

So what do I mean? When we approach this concept of doing an online business like wealthy affiliate or any other program we need to be like a baby. Have you ever really watched a baby in action? They are fearless. They don't quit. They are persistent. That's the way we need to be in our approach as well. Too many give up at the first obstacle they hit. Why? Keep moving. Success will come over time. There's no such thing as instant gratification in this business or any other business or endeavor. Put blinders on and keep moving forward. You can make it. It all starts and ends with you. nobody else can take the blame but you. You're the one that needs to kick yourself in the butt and make progress. Don't whine or complain. Get to work.

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chuckmuir Premium
So true, Thanks for the kick. Chuck
smmudie Premium
Keep moving, keep going - so true, thanks for the reminder.
MisterWailor Premium
Nice analogy, good post.
Ericabried Premium
Like you say, put those blinders on and persist - just like children do when they see something they really, really want.
Timard Premium
Great post Frank, I've been doing a lot of kicking lately.