The post that turns into a video, Update I say "THANK YOU"

Last Update: June 12, 2019

I thank you all for the support, encouragement and assistance on the issue on my written post that turns into a video.

For those who does't know what I'm talking about here, I want to clarify it, one of my written post on my website that is holding on in the first page of google, bing and yahoo has been copied and turns into video, spoken words by words with graphics and images. I felt flattered though that even my humble post been their target.

With the assistance and support of friends here in Wealthy Affiliate, I gain courage to file a complaint on YouTube and confirmed it, and now the video is deleted.

Also I want to inform the community to double check and protect your hard works from being preyed by those people. And have courage to report it at once if you found out some sort of.

Again, thank you all for the kind support, assistance and encouragement, I sincerely appreciate your generosity to all friends here in WA.

Best regards,


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VitaliyG Premium
That's what WA is all about. By the way, glad to hear your YouTube issue got resolved!
Amelita Premium
Hope you do not have to deal with this again. It is a good idea to take action as you have done here. All the best to you.
flowerlyn Premium
Hi Amelita,

Thank you for stopping by, Yes, I hope so and if it happens again I'm ready to deal with.

With the guidance and support of our friends here at WA, I have able to do it.

Again thank you and I' wishing you the best too,
JMatonge1 Premium
Hi Lyn,
Thank you for sharing this info. We shall be vigilant and be on the look out.
flowerlyn Premium
Hi Joseph,

Thank you too, Yes, we need to be aware and protect our hards works, our assets.

Kind regards,
DarrenNicola Premium
Hi Lyn and thanks for sharing this with us.

It is important information that we all need to know.

Well done for having the courage to follow it up with YouTube.

All the best
flowerlyn Premium
Hello Nicola,

Thank you too for your kind words, Yes, I'm very glad if I have able to share a piece of information for the community.

I felt encouraged by the assistance of our friends here at WA.
Again, thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes,
Vickic3 Premium
Glad it got sorted out and stopped Lyn
Good reminder
flowerlyn Premium
Hi Vicki,

Thank you for stopping by.
Yes, that's true with the support and assistance of our friends here in WA and I'm grateful for the kind help and encouragement.