Is this the continuation of the Bugatti?

Last Update: April 03, 2019

As I open my computer and my eyes catch right away " A private massage from Kyle" So I keep saying to myself, I will not be fooled for the next time. This would be the continuation of the April fools Bugatti.

I got completely bevieved about the "We are giving away my Bugatti!" I was imagining myself meeting the 2 Great Eminent of WA.Kyle and Carson.

So then please tell me my dear friends in WA, Is this real or just the continuation of April fools?

I recieved an invitation on "Super Affiliate Challenge 2019".

I hope and pray that this is real!

Thank you so much for reading this simple and humle post.


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AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations Lyn and best wishes as you take your online journey to the next level.
DianeScorpio Premium
Congratulations, me too! We are going to rock this challenge!
MurphysMom Premium
I’m pretty sure it’s real and congratulations! 🎊🎈🎉
webcash2us Premium
Hi Lyn,

That post was funny with the Bugatti, but congrats, that second message is the real deal. I will be joining you and so far about 250 others from what I read. Moving on up!

All The Best
Paul119 Premium
Kyle said we can all have the Bugatti, we just have to work for it lol .Congrats on Getting into the Super Affiliate Challenge