My 1st SmartPhone Led to me being here lol.

Last Update: May 03, 2017

The Times Are a Changin!!

I would like to share a story about the day I got my first smartphone. I am not proud of this story but it serves as a good background to how I ended up here at WA.

(This is the 1st part of a blog post I'm currently writing, decided to share the story with you guys too)

I fought it, I didn't want no damn smartphone. "All I need is a phone to make calls and text...I'm good, da f*** I need a smartphone for? I have a laptop". I was perfectly happy with my little flip phone.

I can even go online with it if I need to." That was my response whenever I was asked when I was gonna come up outta the stone age and get a smartphone.

This went on from the time smartphones became common place until around 2010, when I started working for this online advertising company.

Working in a call center with about 50 others (all of whom had smartphones) I started hearing all the familiar jokes. "When you gonna join us in the 21st century?" "I didn't know they still made those!" Blah blah blah. I was determined not to get caught up in the hype, having to buy every "next big thing" that comes out. Which is the main reason I was being so stubborn about it.

The day everything changed...

I went work as usual and nothing seemed to be much different. I generally kept my phone on my desk while working (cold calling real estate agents) My work day was broken up into 4 parts: Work/15 min break, Work/Lunch Break, Work/15 min Break, Work/Off. During my 1st 15 min break I would go down to the parking garage with a few co-workers to have what we called "Smokey Treats" (cigarettes), and chat about whatever was going on that day.

When I returned to my desk I noticed my phone wasn't where I thought I left it. If you've ever lost your phone before, then you are familiar with the brief sensation of panic that you feel when you realize its gone. Thinking I left it in the parking garage, I rushed back down to search, no luck. I calmed down and went back to work wondering what I did with it.

The Embarrassing Life Changing Intervention...

It was time to go on my lunch break, I started asking around if anyone had seen my phone laying around. "What, that old ass flip phone you use?? Nah, haven't seen it...let it go!!" Ugh!! Fine, I guessed I'd just go across the street and get another one after work, doubly determined to not get swept up in the smartphone madness. "Ahh well, guess I'll go eat lunch."

In the break-room was a large circular table big enough to seat 10-12 people. When I walked in I saw my entire team sitting at the table applauding as I walked in. In the center of the flip phone. "Yaaayy, come on in and have a seat Flizzy, we need to talk to you!" "WTF??" I thought. (s/n these are the same people who gave me the nickname Flizzy, and I love them all to this day)

Everyone presented arguments as to why I needed to update my phone game. Some very convincing arguments I might add. Ending with a special employee discount that was being offered by a partner company to my job. The smartphone was free when I signed up for the service, and the monthly bill was actually $10 less than I was paying for the flip phone service. Needless to say I got my first smartphone that day.

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That's a good transformation of a thing.
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Like many of us dragged kicking and screaming into new technology.