About relative and absolute numbers

Last Update: October 23, 2019

About relative and absolute numbers

Numbers are magical once you start observing them.
Whether it be additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions...

And when it comes to their interpretation be not trapped .

What is my point?

One is a number. And as such absolute. It has no comparison

One apple and One banana are relative numbers. You can not compare them.
But you can compare apples with apples!

Let us try results. They can be absolute or relative. Better give the numbers a closer look.

If you have one sale, that is an absolute number. Compared to the number of clicks that is a relative number. It gives you a sense of success.

One sale out of 100 clicks is better than two sales out of 1000 clicks.

So make sure to weigh the relative...

Got it? Other examples?

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FKelso Premium
I would absolutely like to have some relative success. Could you please send some?
Fleeky Premium
You made a great statement
capri16 Premium
That is true. Interesting post
Fleeky Premium
Thank you for telling me
Always seek the relative comparison
Many statistics are frauds
APachowko1 Premium
The square root of negative 1 is i. The imaginary number has so many real users, so the adage is born that sometime in maths you need to go in the imaginary world to solve a real problem.
Stats can be interpreted many ways, all correct depending on your point of view. The best advice I was ever given is to be suspicious of stats, as you never know it's shortfalls.
Fleeky Premium
You are so right

Ancient maths from egypt and india
Are full of Wit and beauty

Our maths are dull and dead

Loved your comment
Thank you for posting!
IreneWunder1 Premium
Fleeky Premium
youre welcome.
Fleeky Premium
Thank you