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Last Update: August 14, 2015

In my last post I talked about how I got kicked out of the program because of no referrals. No, I reapplied and replaced all the links. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

But one thing I'd like to share: in creating my new links, I realized that many prizes have changed. You might want to look at yours too. So your coustomers percieve you as professional and up to date.

Have a nice weekend, Stefan

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solidbase Premium
Thank you for the reminder.
Firekeeper Premium
You're welcome!
NemiraB Premium
I got approved again. I do not use Amazon for full potencial. Thanks for posting, will check latter:)
Firekeeper Premium
yes, that's what I'm considering too!
MoritzS Premium
Thanks for the update.
Yes, it can be a bit of a pain to have to create all those links again.
I hope I won't have to do that one day, but advice about checking the prices from time to time.

I had one item that had a complete different image suddenly.
Good that I noticed that as well.

Firekeeper Premium
your welcome!